Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu and family are on the breakfast table. She sees Aditya has not started his breakfast and asks him to start. Aditya says he is waiting for Samaira’s father as he is our guest. Avinash and Samaira come there. Madhu asks Aditya to let Samaira sit with her dad. Mohanto asks Samaira about the preparations of her upcoming event. Avinash asks what event he is talking about. Jai says it is second Album launch Samaira. Mohanto asks Samaira why did not she inform her dad. Samaira says dad was very busy with his business, so she did not inform him. Madhu asks if she forgot to inform him. Samaira says she knows how to balance her personal and professional life and says her second album will be more successful than her first albulm. Madhu thinks after the event, Samaira will not be able to show her face to people.

Madhu is checking Samaira’s event dresses. Samaira comes there and knocks the door. Madhu says she was waiting for her and says she must have been busy with rehearsals and says she did not want to fail her hard work, so she herself chose 2 dresses for her and asks her to choose one among them. Samaira selects one dress. Madhu says it nice as it is less revealing. Samaira says she knows what suits her and selects another dress. She asks Aditya about his opinion. Aditya says he liked it. Samaira says she will wear that dress and leaves from there. Madhu thinks she knew Samaira would select other dress and says she will go on a fashion parade and will not face people again in shame.

Neeraj looks at Shikha’s pic and says whatever she says, he cannot stop thinking and caring about her, he cannot be in peace away from her. Mahi comes and asks Neeraj why has he disguised with beard. He says she is going to Shikha’s music launch. Mahi asks if there is any trouble for Shikha there. Neeraj says he cannot believe Madhu and feels someting wrong will happen there. Mahi says nothing will happen to Shikha until he is there with her. Neeraj says he will not anything happen to Shikha and goes from there. Mahi thinks he loves Shikha, but is not understanding it.

Mohanto reaches the event venue and asks Aditya to call Madhu. Aditya goes to check Madhu and strikes with Neeraj. He asks Neeraj if they met before and says he feels he met him before. Neeraj says he is a reporter and takes rich people’s interviews, so he must have met him.

Samaira is getting ready for the event and asks her assistant if it is done. She says Samaira that it is done. Madhu watches her from behind.

Aditya comes and asks Madhu why is she standing outside Samaira’s green room. Madhu says she came to wish good luck to Samaira. Aditya says she was her big enemy. Madhu says she is my enemy at home, but outside she is our company’s brand ambassador and whole media is waiting for her one look and she wants them to remember this event for a long time, so she came to wish Samaira good luck. Aditya senses something wrong. Madhu asks Samaira’s assistant if her work is done. Assistant gives Samaira’s dress clip and says without it, Samaira’s dress will fall off. She says she is feeling bad for Samaira. Madhu gives her money and asks her to feel good. She takes moneya and goes from there. Madhu thinks she will hit Samaira on her weakest point and it is her dignity, Samaira will cry and she will laugh. She thinks without that pin/broach, nobody can stop from Samaira’s wardrobe malfunction.

Neeraj strikes Samaira’s assistant and sees money falling from her hand. He identifies her as Shikha’s stylist/assistant.

Host announces Samaira’s second music launch event. Aditya gets a call, but his phone switches off. He says he will bring another battery from his car. Madhu says he should see Samaira’s performance and then go. Aditya says he will be back in 2 minutes and goes from there.

Neeraj hears Samaira’s assistant talking to someone and informing about Samaira’s wardroboe malfunction plan. Aditya opens his car’s dashboard and finds Samaira’s clip in it. He remembers Madhu telling him that whole world will see Samaira getting spoofed. He goes to Samaira’s room, but she has already left for the event. Host introduces Samaira and asks her to perform. Samaira comes on the stage. Madhu thinks let her sing, after some time, she will not be able to face her fans. Samaira comes and waves to her fans. Everyone claps for her. Samaira’s dress laces opens, but Neeraj switches off lights on time, wraps Samaira with a shawl, and saves her. Aditya comes there and asks his manager why lights are off and where is Samaira. Manager says he will check about lights and Samaira has already left.

Neeraj brings Samaira/Shikha to her green room. She starts crying vigorously. He tries to console her. She says she was about to lose her dignity in front of everyone. She thanks Neeraj for saving her and hugs her emotionally. Neeraj also gets emotional and hugs her.

Precap: Aditya says Samaira that he knew Madhu was angry on her, but did not know she would stoop to that level. Madhu says if he would have loved her, he would have dragged Madhu and asked Madhu to say sorry to her.

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