Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th January 2014 Written Update

Constable brings some pending case files along with Shikha’s file and gives it to inspector. Inspector asks if there is any news about stalker or if anyone from Shikha’s family came. Constable says no. He says I think stalker would have stopped troubling them, so they have not come. He asks constable to close the case. Inspector’s instincts tell him that the case is not yet closed as the stalker is still not yet being found.

Shikha, Mahi, Sameer, and Nisha are selecting Nisha’s wedding dress in a boutique. Nisha taunts Sameer that he has changed Shikha a lot now. Boutique owner comes and asks Nisha to check the fitting. Nisha asks Sameer to wait for sometime and goes to check the fitting with Shikha. Nisha and Shikha come and say that fitting is really nice. Mahi asks Shikha to try the wedding dress. Shikha resists, but agrees after Sameer insists.

Shikha tries the bridal dress. She looks stunning in the dress. Everybody see her and praise her. Sameer is dumbstruck. Nisha says she looks like a bride, just needs some makeup. Sameer interrupts and says Shikha is looking stunning without makeup and does not need it.

Shikha gets a call. She asks Mahi to see who is it. Mahi says it is an unknown number. Shikha picks the call. Voice on the other side is stalker. He asks her not to go with Sameer as he loves her. Sameer picks the call from Shikha and scolds the stalker. Stalker cuts the call. Sameer asks Shikha not to worry.

Shikha, Mahi, and Sameer reach home. Avinash sees Shikha worried and asks what happened. Sameer informs Avinash that the stalker had called Shikha, but he scolded him a lot. Avinash gets worried. Sameeer says not to worry as the stalker is just a roadside goon and Sameer is there with Shikha now.

Sameer’s mom is worried about Sameer. She asks her maid to get the phone to call Sameer. Just then Sameer comes. He gifts her a new mobile. She asks he is buttering her to get some work done. She asks what he wants this time. Sameer says to talk to Shikha’s parents about his alliance again. She assures him that she will go to their home directly and talk instead of calling. Sameer thanks her mom.

Gappu shows his new magazine design and his boss likes the design very much. He says he will throw a party tonight. Pooja gets jealous and asks why party for such a small work. Gappu interrupts and says not to spoil boss’s mood. Boss asks Gappu to inform media and other magazine companies. He says let other magazines also know that Streechaya is also a big magazine now. He asks Gappu about Shikha, and Gappu says boss himself gave off to Shikha today. Boss says he forgot that. He says he himself will call Shikha personally and inform about the party.

Sameer’s mom comes to Shikha’s house and requests for Shikha’s alliance with Sameer again. She asks Avinash if they spoke to Shikha. He says he has not spoken about it yet. Sameer’s mom asks about Shikha. Avinash and Sudha say Shikha has gone out with Sameer. Avinash asks Sudha to give sweets to Sameer’s mom.

Gappu checks the guest list and says looks like boss has prepared railway tatkal passenger list. Pooja comes and asks Gappu to include 1 more guest. Gappu says he cannot include anyone now. Pooja informs that boss has given Sameer’s number to also invite him for the party. Gappu says he does not like jokes during work. Pooja says she is not joking as boss himself asked her to invite Sameer with his family. Boss comes and asks what is going on. Gappu says guest list has crossed 200 and including more guests will overshoot the budget. Boss asks Gappu not to worry about the budget and to do what he says.

Shikha is thinking about Sameer, about the incidents happened these days. Sudha comes and says the way Sameer took her responsibility, she liked it very much. She asks Sikha’s opinion about Sameer. Shikha blushes and says he is good. Sudha asks if she wants to marry Sameer. Mahi just comes then. Shikha sees Mahi and gets shy. Mahi asks Shikha to say yes. Shikha hugs her mom and says yes. Sudha goes out of the room and says informs Avinash who is waiting outside. Avinash is happy.

Precap: Shikha is tensed about going on the stage and reciting her poem. Sameer comes and encourages her to try. He sees her trying to recite the poem and is mesmerized about her beauty.

Update Credit to: Mohammed

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