Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vineet’s body is taken for postmortem while his family pleads not to take him away. Shikha slaps Neeraj and alleges him for Vineet’s murder. He says if he would not have come, her reality wold have come out and she could not have taken her revenge. She says her parents lost their son and that pain is more than her revenge. She asks him to get out.

Aditya calls Samaira, but she does not pick his call. Mohanto asks if he spoke to Samaira. He says she is not picking his call. Sunaina gets worried about Samaira. Mohanto gets a call from inspector about Madhu murdering Vineet. Mohant and whole famly reach the spot hurriedly. Mohanto says Madhus stays at home, she cannot murder anyone. Inspector says they found Madhu at the spot with her gun which has her fingerprints, says he killed Vineet Gupta, Shikha Gupta’s brother. Aditya reminisces Samaira running from the inauguration ceremony and realizes she is Shikha.

Shikha and her whole family reminisce their happier times with Vineet. Aditya reminisces Madhu telling that Samaira is Shikha and thinks she must be correct.

Shikha says her parents that she does want to take revenge risking their life, and if she had taken a decision earlier, she would not have lost her brother. Avinash says she should think her brother is a martyr now and she should not let his sacrifice waste. Sudha says we lost one son and cannot lose Manav. Shikha says she is repenting the day when she brought them here. She says she will inform about her truth to Aditya and request him not to harm you people.

Shikha reaches hospital where Madhu is being treated. Aditya and Sunaina see her and ask where was she. Shikha picks Manav and says she is Shikha, not Samaira. She says her suicide was a drama, she could not have died without punishing him, so she returned as Samaira, acted as loving him, made him against his wife Madhu and made her mad. The way he betrayed her, she wanted to betray him the same and take revenge from him, but did not know that she had to lose her brother’s life, so she has come to finish this came and take her Manav with her. She apologizes Manav. Aditya picks Manav and says he is Arnav and says even after losing court case, she came back and warns her not to come back. He drags her out from there. It was just her dream.

Sunaina and Aditya ask where was she as they were worried. She says she got a call from Switzerland that her had got a heart attack, so she ran from the inauguration function. She says she booked tickets, but due to bad weather, she could not go. She spoke to her mom who said dad is out of danger. Aditya says he will both ticket for them both. She says it is not needed as he is out of danger.

Precap: Avinash gets happy hearing that Shikha did not inform Aditya about her reality. She says she will take finish Aditya and Madhu now.

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