Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira requests Mohanto to stop Aditya from leaving his house. Aditya sees that and asks her why did not she pack her bags yet. Sunaina asks again Aditya to change is decision. Aditya says he cannot and not to stop him. He asks Samaira to bring Arnav to get ready. Mohanto brings Arnav and says he will not go anywhere. Aditya says he cannot stop him. Mohanto apologizes Aditya and says he did a mistake. Aditya says he should apologize instead for misbehaving with him in anger and says if he does not want him to go, he will not and will not take Arnav away from his grandpa. Mohanto says today he got sure that Aditya is his son, not son-in-law. Aditya hugs Mohanto and thinks why would he leave such a lavish life, he had to do a drama to stop Mohanto. Aarya sees Aditya and asks why did not he go yet. Mohanto says he will not go from here. Mohanto and Sunaina inform Aditya that their new hotel’s inauguration ribbon will be cut by Aditya and Samaira.

Mohanto, Sunaina, Samaira and Aditya get ready for the inauguration. Madhu wakes up and takes out antidote from the vase. She takes the injection and thinks she will bring out Samaira’s truth in front of everyone. She looks down and sees her family with Samaira, thinks she is jailed in her own house because of Samaira. She has to do something with witch Samaira should herself accept the truth.

Neeraj comes to Madhu’s room and is shocked to see her missing. Madhu hides behind the window in a balcony.

Mohanto and family reaches hotel inauguration venue.

Avinash and his family are busy checking interior decoration designs for their home. Door bells rings, Avinash opens the door and is shocked to see Madhu with a gun. She hostages Avinash’s family. Neeraj calls Samaira and informs her about Madhu escaping. Samaira gets tensed and asks him to find Madhu soon. She gets a call from Sudha’s phone, but Madhu speaks instead. Samaira asks what is she doing there. Madhu says she was remembering her family, so she came to meet them.

Madhu asks Samaira to tell about her truth in the inauguration function in front of everyone that she is Shikha, else she will kill her whole family with her gun. Samaira says her family should not get even a scar. Madhu says they will get a bullet if she does not obey her order and asks not to inform Neeraj or police. She asks her to keep the phone on. Aditya sees Samaira tensed and asks about it. She says nothing to worry. Samaira hears Sudha pleading Madhu not to trouble her daughter. Madhu says Sudha that Samaira troubled her by making her mad. Neeraj also calls Sudha and hears Madhu’s conversation. He rushes towards Avinash’s house.

Samaira gets tensed during the meeting and walks out. Aditya says her it is not appropriate to come out like that without answering her guest and asks why is she looking tensed. He cuts Madhu’s call.`
Precap: Madu shoots bullet. Samaira asks why did she shot a bullet. Madhu asks her to ask whom she shot instead.

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