Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th April 2014 Written Update

Aditya comes to Samaira’s room. She invites him and asks him to say thank you for listening his word of staying back. He says he is impressed that he is very brave and intelligent. Aditya says Goa is a good place and it would have been more better if company’s AMD would have joined her. She jokes if MD would have joined, it would have been more better. She says she will wait to meet him in the evening. He says bye and goes. She thinks she will give him more pain than he gave her. Samaira gets Neeraj’s call. Neeraj says he could not fullfill his promise. She asks what happened. He does not say anything and cuts the call.

Mohanto asks Sunaina what is she thinking. She says she is thinking about Samaira. She says though being from out of India, she did not forget her culture. She has all qualities to become a good wife. Mohanto says she is right.

Samaira comes to Neeraj’s house and asks why did he sound so tensed. He informs publisher denied printing the book. Samaira asks if her family knows it. He says he did not have courage to inform them. She says you helped me in my bad days and asks her not to worry as they will find way.

Sunaina shows her family album and shows her children’s childhood pics. Aarya comes and remembers her chilhood days. She thanks him and says I love you. Shikha/Samaira remembers her happy days with her family and cries. Sunaina asks why is she crying. She says seeing Mohanto and Aarya’s love, she remembered her father and got emotional. Sunaina asks her to call her father here. Madhu says he should come and show how much he loves Samaira and says every dad loves his daughter. Aditya also backs Madhu. Samaira says hr ad cannot come to India, but everyone insists. Madhu thinks if Samaira’s dad comes, he will take her from here.

Samaira gets a rose and letter from Aditya. She throws rose and reads the letter which is Aditya’s invitation for dinner around 8 p.m. Neeraj calls. She speaks to him and cuts the call. She turns back and sees Sunaina standing behind who asks whom she was talking to. She says it was her designer. Sunaina says their airlines jet is going to Switzerland and can bring her dad here. Samaira says dad cannot come. Sunaina insists to call him this weekend with whole family.

Aditya is engrasped in Samaira’s thoughts. Madhu comes and asks what is he thinking. He says he is having a business meeting tonight. She asks if he is so workaholic, then why did not he reply to mails since 1 week. He says he was injured and was in pain. She says her house had internet, the why did not he reply. He says she was not there when he needed her. She says he had Samaira with her, so he did not even need her. She says he is AMD and to respect his designation, else she will remove him from that designation. Aditya gets angry.

Aditya remembers Samaira’s words that how lucky Madhu is that she got a husband like him. He calls Samaira. She asks what happened, why is he feeling low. She asks if his hitler wife tell something and says he has got a habit of hearing from her. Aditya says he is getting habit of staying with her. She asks him to change his habit, else he will repent. She says Madhu thinks she is favoring you by marrying you, but he deserves more than that. He asks what does he deserve. She says to wait till evening.

Aditya calls secretary and asks about Madhu’s schedule for today. She informs her schedule. He thanks her.

Sunaina speaks to her friend and says some wedding planner had done a good job. Aarya comes and asks if she is thinking of her marriage. Sunaina says she is thinking of Samaira’s marriage with Jai. Aarya thinks they are thinking of getting Aditya and Samaira together, but mom is spoiling their plan.

Samaira asks Neeraj to arrange a father by weekend. He says he can arrange, but what if that person also blackmails her. He then says she can come in front of her parents and ask her father to disguise. Samaira says she cannot trouble her parents more and says she will come reveal her identity when time comes. Neeraj says he cannot trust any one else, what if he blackmails.

Aditya brings car exhibition brochure and asks Madhu to accompany her. She says she does not have time for that.

Neeraj calls Avinash and speaks to him. Aditya says Madhu he thought she liked cars a lot, but if she is not to come to the exhibition, he will go alone and they can go next year..

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