Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha and Maahi deliberately come in front of Madhu’s car, forcing the driver to apply brakes suddenly. Madhu is surprised to see them there and tauntingly tells them that she thought they all had died with grief after Shikha’s death. Sudha tells her that they’ll not leave the city till she pays for what she’s done. Madhu laughs at her and tells Sudha to come out of her delusional world & save what she’s left with (Maahi) and leave for Nashik. Madhu reminds her of the last court-case where they were defeated badly and asks her if she wants to repeat the same thing again. Sudha laughs at her & informs her that it will be Shikha (not the courts) who’ll punish her for her misdeeds. Madhu tells Maahi that Sudha has gone mad. Sudha gets furious and tells Madhu that she took a daughter away from her parents and stole a child from his mother, so Shikha will make her pay for her sins. Madhu calls her mad again and turns to leave but Sudha hands her ‘prasad’(religious offering) and tells her its from Shikha’s ‘barsi’ (death anniversary). Sudha & Maahi walk away while, Madhu is left shocked. She drops the prasad on the road.

At night before going to bed, Madhu thinks about her meeting with Sudha and her warning. She goes to bed but gets up when she hears Shikha’s voice. Shikha recites her poetry- “Kal raat neend nahi aayi, Sapna aaya; Aane waale kal ka mann mein, ehsaas jgaaya..”
Madhu gets scared and looks for the source of the voice. She checks her stereo system but it’s already switched off. She hears a knock on the door & opens the door. Shikha’s ghost (Shikha) is standing at her door, wearing the same red saaree and carrying Maanav’s stuffed toy. Madhu is terrified & covers her eyes with her hands. She looks up & Shikha is no where to be seen. She goes towards the staircase and finds Shikha’s ghost roaming in the living room downstairs (ghost roaming in “living” room.. Nevermind). Madhu hesitatingly goes down the stairs and looks at the ghost who’s standing in the middle of the dimmed room. Suddenly fog starts engulfing the room & Madhu can no longer see Shikha’s apparition clearly. Shikha stands behind Madhu and tells her, “Main waapis aa gaayi hoon, Madhu. Apni mautt ka badlaa lene” (“I am back to take revenge for my death “) in an eerily echoing voice. Madhu is frightened and turns around to look at Shikha. She starts pleading and screams “nahii” at the top of her lungs. She covers her ears with her hands and closes her eyes and continues to scream. The lights in the room are switched on and Shikha (or her ghost) is no where to be seen. Mahanto, Sunaina, Jai, Aarya, Amrit and Aditya arrive in the living room and enquire why she’s yelling. Madhu continues crying & tries to tell Mahanto what she saw. Samaira arrives there as well (in her nightwear). When Mahanto enquires who she saw, Madhu tells him that someone was trying to scare her. Mahanto looks at her confusedly. Adi tells her that she must have had a bad dream. Madhu turns towards Aditya and starts accusing him. Aditya is surprised and defends himself. Mahanto tells her to calm down. Aditya tells her that it’s impossible for a person to disappear so fast since they have security outside. Mahanto tells her that she must’ve had a dream since Aditya didn’t hear or see anything in the bedroom. Madhu frustratingly tells him that they are no longer sharing the same bedroom. Mahanto is shocked at this revelation. Aditya tries to calm him and tells him that all will be well soon. Mahanto tells her that she’s stressed due to work & advises her to go to bed.

In the guest room, Aditya and Samaira discuss how well their plan worked. Aditya is worried at how Madhu suspected him of doing this and started accusing him in front of everyone. Samaira reminds him that his pre-nuptial agreement would be terminated if Madhu is declared mad by the court & this is the only way to get rid of her and for them to be together.

In the morning, Madhu goes to the restroom and looks at washbasin mirror. It has the words “Madhu main waapis aa gayi, Badla lene” written on it with red (lipstick). She screams and starts running downstairs. Everyone is at the dining table. They are startled to hear her screams and run towards her. Madhu points upwards towards her room and they all rush up the stairs. Meanwhile, Samaira enters the restroom and starts cleaning the mirror. She hides the soiled wipe behind a cushion. The entire family reaches the bedroom & Madhu takes them to the restroom to show them the mirror. But it’s all clean. Mahanto tries to pacify her and tells her to relax.
Once outside the bed, Aarya questions Samaira on why she was present in the room when they all arrived. Samaira tells her that she heard Madhu screaming so, she went directly to her room to check on her (no one suspects her).

In her bedroom, Madhu remembers her encounters with Shikha’s ghost and drinks alcohol. She gets a phone call (from office) ad tells him she’ll be there. She downs another drink and leaves for office (ohh boy!) Aditya & Samaira watch her leaving. Samaira tells him that this will work in their favor as Madhu may cause a ruckus at office & will be declared mad.

Precap: In the bedroom, while confronting Shikha’s ghost, Madhu holds up a gun and warns her that she’ll shoot at her. Aditya tries to stop Madhu. Shikha’s ghost says its ‘poornima’ tomorrow (full moon) and she’ll be back to take her child. Madhu warns her and Aditya looks on confusedly while a shot is heard in the background.

Update Credit to: HAHHNAVI

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