Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Sameer comes to Shikha’s office to pick her up. He asks her to give her laptop bag and walk with her. Gappu sees Shikha going with Sameer and feels sad. Pooja comes and taunts Gappu. Sameer and Shikha are stuck in a traffic jam. Shikha says she will call her papa and inform that she will be a bit late due to traffic jam. Sameer tells not to inform her papa. He gets out of the car and clears the traffic. Shikha gets happy watching this and claps. Sameer gets back into the car and they leave.

Constable comes to inspector and informs that Sameer has a software company and his father is a retired govt officer. He says it seems he is very close to Gupta family. He informs he saw Sameer with Shikha. Sameer dropped Shikha from office to home. Inspector is puzzled

about this and asks constable to inform Guptaji that he wants to meet him in the morning.

Shikha’s papa Avinash is tensed about Shikha still not reaching home. Shikha comes then. Avinash asks what happened. She says they got stuck in a traffic jam. Sudha asks Sameer to join them for dinner. Sameer says her mom would be waiting for him, so he needs to go and promises to have breakfast with them tomorrow. Avinash thanks Sameer, and Sameer leaves.

Avinash asks how was the day. She says it was good and Sameer helped her a lot. Shikha narrates Mahi about the lift out of order incident and how Sameer picked her and her colleagues’ bags till 10th floor.

Avinash hears their conversation and smiles. Avinash gets a call from constable who informs that inspector wants to meet him in the morning. Avinash says he will come in the morning.

Avinash meets inspector. Inspector asks if Shikha started to go to office again, Avinash says yes. Inspector says he got to know that Mahi made the fake account. He says not to worry, he won’t interfere as it is Avinash’s family matter.

Avinash says thank you and he says he scolded Mahi for what she did. Inspector asks about Sameer. Avinash informs that Sameer is a good boy. He met him during Shikha’s fake account incident. He has met his parents also. They are very good people.

Shikha gets ready to go to office. Sameer comes. He starts having breakfast. He sees Shikha and is mesmerized about her beauty. Shikha comes and greets him. They start to leave, but Mahi comes and taunts them if the lift is out of order even today? They leave for office.

They come to the parking lot. Just then reports come and gather around them and ask Shikha who threw ink on her. Sameer tries to disperse the crowd, but a reporter shows them a pic with Shikha’s ink smeared face and starts questioning them. Sameer shouts at them and asks them to leave. Another reporter takes Sameer’s pic, Sameer breaks his camera.

Sameer gets very angry on the reporter crowd. He catches Shikha’s hand and rescues her from the crowd. They get into the car. Sameer asks Shikha to forget about this incident and smile, else he will not drive her to office. They get attracted towards each other. Sameer teaches Shikha mandolin. Their family start to mingle with each other very well. They spend more time with each other and fall in love.

Sameer comes to Shikha’s house a bit late and he asks sorry to Shikha for coming late. Shikha says it is Sunday today and she won’t be going to office on Sunday. Avinash and Sudha ask why he came on Sunday. Sameer says he forgot about Sunday. Vineet comes and sees Sameer. He gets confused that it is Monday and he gets angry on his mom that she didn’t wake him up early for his exams.

Avinash asks Sudha to prepare good breakfast today. Sameer says he will prepare pizza for everyone and goes to the kitchen. He and Shikha prepare pizza, but it gets burnt. Everybody laugh seeing the burnt pizza.

Precap: Sameer’s mom comes to Shikha’s house and asks Shikha’s alliance for Sameer again. Shikha gets a call and the voice on the other side asks why is she roaming with Sameer nowadays.

Update Credit to: MA

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