Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu comes to the wedding venue and calls Mohanto. Everyone is shocked. Jai tells Mohanto that Madhu escaped from the mental asylum and they have to do something. Mohanto goes to her. Madhu asks, what is happening here and tells Adi that she has been waiting for him in the office. She acts madly and reminds him that they have a meeting in the office. She tells Mohanto that clients was waiting for long. She laughs and asks why Adi is standing with flower in his neck. She opines that they have a puja at home. Jai says, we have to inform the doctor at mental asylum. Mohanto nods him in a yes.

Ward boy and nurses come there and hold her. Samaira thinks, she is acting and thinks to take advantage of her drama. She stops them from taking Madhu. She says, she won’t ago anywhere. Doctor says, she needs treatment. Madhu goes and hugs Samaira. Samaira says, her family will treat her and not your electric shocks. Mohanto thanks the doctor and says we will take care of her. Madhu thinks, she made her plan easily. Mohanto thanks Samaira. Samaira says, I can’t see anyone sad. Panditji asks them to hurry up and recites the mantras.

Aarya does their ghatbandhan. Madhu says, I want to sit there. Sunaina asks her to go. Madhu sits behind Aditya and Samaira. She sees the ghee and pours on Samaira’s dupatta. Panditji asks them to start the pheras. While they were taking the pheras, Madhu lights her dupatta and silently goes from there. She stands beside Sunanda and throws petals on them. Sunaina sees the fire and shouts. Avinash set off the fire with his hands. Madhu says, what are you doing. Let her get burnt. Everyone is shocked.

Jai holds Madhu and says I told you Dad that she can’t stay here. We need to send her to mental asylum. Mohanto gets annoyed with her. Madhu faints. Sunaina asks Jai to take her in the room.

Sudha prays to God and says my daughter is getting married to that animal. She asks, until when she will do through the agni pariksha. Mahi tells her to have faith on Shikha and says she is very near to her mission. No one can stop her from winning. Mohanto asks Samaira, are you fine? Samaira nods in a yes. She asks Avinash about his burnt hands. Avinash says, I am fine. Panditji says, it is not good to halt the marriage. Avinash says, we shall let the pheras completed. Avinash and Samaira take the pheras while Samaira recalls her wedding with Aditya before.

Panditji declares that the pheras are completed and asks them to sit. He asks Aditya to make her wear mangalsutra. Aditya ties mangalsutra around her neck. Samaira gets emotional. Avinash recalls her marriage with Aditya before and gets tears in his eyes. Panditji asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. Aditya fills her maang with sindoor. Panditji says, they marriage is completed and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Aditya promises to keep Samaira happy all their life. Aditya thinks, you can’t betrayed her again. Jai tells Mohanto that they have to do something for Madhu.

Samaira goes to Madhu’s room and covers her with blanket. She declares that Madhu will live here with us. Jai says, she can’t live with us. Aditya asks him to talk with respect with her. He reminds him that Madhu is his sister. Samaira tells Jai that Madhu will be fine being with her family. Sunaina gets impressed with her. Samaira says, I will take care of Madhu. We all can take care of Madhu. We will give her medicines at home. Mohanto agrees with Samaira. Sunaina asks them to take rest. She asks Samaira to come with her. Aditya says, but…..Sunaina says, I have some work with her. They leaves the room. Madhu opens her eyes and thinks what is going on in her mind.

Sunaina gives necklace to Samaira and says this is our family necklace to be given to our daughters and you are a daughter for us. Samaira refuses to take it. Sunaina praises her and says you did so much for Arnav and fulfilled responsibility of a daughter. She insists. Samaira takes it finally.

Madhu gets restless in her room and thinks what to do. She hears some noise and pretends to sleep. Samaira comes to her room and says what is it? You are sleeping calmly now. She says, I didn’t sympathize with you. I wanted you to see our marriage with your eyes. She says, I got married to your husband and says I want you to see your face. Madhu gets up. Samaira asks her to light her on fire.

Madhu asks her to leave her. Samaira asks, what happened? Did you think I will set you on fire and says idea is not that bad. She threatens Madhu. Madhu shouts no.

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