Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th December 2013 Written Update

Shikha’s papa asks Sameer to leave as they don’t need his help. Shikha says to please check what Sameer wants to say. Even her mom backs Shikha and asks her to bring Sameer in. Shikha goes and brings Sameer in. Shikha’s papa says sorry to Sameer and asks what he wants to say. Sameer says he has got the IP address of culprit. Culprit comes to a cafe bar between 4 and 6 p.m. Shikha’s papa says how he is sure about the culprit. Sameer says he asked all his staff to find the IP address and asks Shikha’s papa to trust him. Shikha asks her papa to go and check. Shikha’s papa and Sameer leaves home to go the cafe bar. Mahi is very tensed and calls someone, but phone is out of reach. Sameer and Shikha’s papa reach the cafe bar.

Shikha’s papa asks Sameer there are somany people here, how can we identify the culprit now. Sameer says his whole staff is tracking the IP address. As soon as the culprit connects the net, he will be caught. Sameer asks wifi password from the waiter. Sameer calls his staff Raghav and checks about the computer. Raghav says that computer is on now and in cafe bar there. He asks if he is sure about the culprit there. Raghav says 100% he is sure. Sameer sees a laptop there. He asks Raghav about the movement of laptop. Raghav says no movement now. Someone comes and closes the laptop. Sameer says he is the culprit and goes behind him. When Sameer turns culpirt back, Shikha’s papa is shocked to see it is Mahi’s boyfriend Nimesh.

Shikha and her family are tensed in the house and Shikha’s mom asks to call her papa and check. Shikha says Sameer has gone with papa and not to worry. Mahi comes and says sorry to Shikha and says she made a mistake. Shikha’s mom asks what did she do? Shikha also asks. Mahi reveals that the fake account is made by her and starts crying. She says she just wanted Shikha to get married soon. Mahi reveals about her boyfriend Nimesh to her family. She says she wants to marry Nimesh, his family is pressurizing him to marry, so she asked Nimesh to make a fake account so that Shikha gets married soon. Shikha’s mom and Shikha are shocked to hear this. Shikha asks if that chat and phone calls to Sameer were made by her. Mahi says yes.

Mahi says she just wanted Shikha get married soon. She asks sorry to Shikha. Shikha says Mahi that she hurt her the most today. She says what will papa feel if he gets to know about this. Door bell rings. Shikha goes to open the door. She sees her papa, Sameer, and Nimesh standing outside. Shikha’s papa goes inside. He brings a suitcase and asks Mahi to get out of his house. Shikha interferes, but her papa says not to utter anything now. Shikha says Mahi told everything to them. He asks even then you want to save Mahi? Mahi requests her mom to save her. Her mom also is angry about this incident. She says how can she do this to her sister. How can she ask someone to throw ink on her sister. Mahi says she didn’t do this and just made fake account. Her mom says she would have asked Nimesh to do this. Mahi says even Nimesh didn’t do this. He just made fake account on her behalf. Nimesh also backs Mahi. Shikha’s mom asks if she wants to marry this kind of guy. Shikha says Mahi if she wanted to marry soon, she would have told her. She would have let her married. Shikha’s papa says this is called sister, who is ready to sacrifice for her sister’s sake. Shikha is her daughter and not Mahi. Mahi kepts on weeping. Her papa says even if Shikha forgives you, he won’t. Shikha asks her father where will Mahi go if he kicks her out. Sameer says what Mahi did is wrong, but her intention was not wrong. She thought about her sister’s happiness first. She did what a younger sister would do, that her elder sister gets married first. Sameer says Mahi didn’t run away and get married, so she didn’t betray anyone. Even now Mahi has their good upbringing. He says his dad beat him very badly in his childhood and he left the house. He sat on the park bench whole night and nobody came and helped him. He realized the value of family then, he went back to his home. When he went home, his parents were much distressed than him. If Mahi leaves the house, they will be much worried than Mahi. He asks Shikha’s papa to forgive Mahi. He goes to Nimesh and says everybody makes mistake in love most of the them, he know hows it feels if you don’t get your loved one, that does not mean you can do anything. If you wanted to marry Mahi, you would have told your parents first, they are not your enemies. Sameer says Mahi that marriage wont happen just between 2 people, it happens between 2 families. To build up this relationship, if you want to hurt the family, then what is the use. Nimesh asks sorry, Sameer says to say sorry to Mahi’s family. Sameer says he will leave now. He goes to Shikha and asks sorry as instead of solving her problems, he made them worse. He says I am sorry again, please take care and leaves. Shikha watches him going out.

Precap: Shikha’s papa is seen talking to Sameer’s parents. He says Sameer would have told you about the incidents happened to us. He says Sameer helped us a lot and he could’nt thank him at all, so he tought to go personally and thank him. Sameer comes then, he sees Shikha sitting with her papa.

Update Credit to: MA

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