Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th April 2014 Written Update

Shikha picks Arnav/Manav’s pic and looks at it emotionally. Madhu comes there and says Samaira that she knows her intentions. Samaira asks what is she doing in her room. Madhu says is not her room, it is her house’s guest house which she is thinking like hers, so she is coming here repeatedly. Samaira says she is not interested in her house, she came on Mohanto’s insistence. Madhu says she should fool someone else, not her father. She says she knows why her father came here, she knows her intentions. Samaira asks why I have come here?? Madhu says to trap Aditya. You took care of him more than his mother in my absence to lure him and says she will not let that happen. She says nobody can take a wife’s rights. Samaira says a woman is enough to take a wife’s rights. She says Madhu that she thinks she is trying to get closer to Aditya, but the fact is he is trying to get away from Madhu. Madhu says she will clear her doubts in tomorrow’s party, Aditya will not look at Samaira at all, says Aditya is only hers and will always be. Samaira says she is happy about her confidence and says all the best. She thinks she will know how Aditya will behave in party tomorrow.

Samaira comes near the swimming pool. Aditya comes there and hugs Samaira. He says happily that she is back and they can spend time near the swimming pool. He says they will be meeting secretly and he came hiding from his wife, she is like a tigress and when she wakes up, he will run from here. Aditya says he is not afraid of Madhu. Samaira says he is looking courageous. He asks her to test him. She says he will dance with her in tomorrow’s party. He says if she wants him to announce his love for her publicly. She says she just wants him to dance with her. He says she is speaking madly. She says people do madness in love and says he will dance with her tomorrow. She is about to go, he holds her hand and drags her. He says he should be rewarded. She asks him first to complete his task and then think of reward. He says he wants the reward now and tries to kiss her. She sees Avinash watching them and pushes Aditya in swimming pool.

Avinash is tensed seeing Aditya and Samaira together. Samaira says she knows why is he tensed and asks him sorry. He says it is not her fault and he knows she is doing it helplessly. She says her blood boils when he Aditya comes near her, she is still away from her son Manav. She says Avinash he has to see so many things because of her. He says he came to help her, but feels helpless. He is afraid if someone will doubt him and she gets into trouble because of him. Samaira says nobody will know that he is not Amrit Seth, but Shikha’s papa Avinash. She says he is her support and will always be. He asks why was she awake till midnight. She says she went to invite Aditya. He says party is organized by Aditya’s family, then why she is giving her invitation. She says she is giving her trouble invitation. Like he took Neeraj’s help and lured her, she will lure Aditya and get Madhu away from him.

Sudha brings tea for Neeraj and says he is like a son for her. She asks if he spoke to Shikha/Avinash. He says Jagannath family is throwing a party for Avinash. Sudha gets a cut while cutting vegetable. He calls Mahi and asks her to bring first-aid box from his cupboard. She opens his cupboard and sees Shikha’s pic in his cupboard.

Madhu asks Aditya why is he drenched. He says he fell in swimming pool. She says it is okay and not go give explanation to her. Adtitya thinks what happened to her, she did not speak so sweetly in 6 months. Samaira says he is very handome and remembers their college days. She says we used to speak on phone for hours, but now they just fight, she does not want to fight with him and wants his old Adi back. She hugs him and asks if he will help her. He says of course he will and asks her to go and sleep. She says she wants to spend time with him and wants to correct her mistake. She says she will get ready in such a way that he will just look at her. Aditya says party is for Samaira’s father. She says let it be, shew wants to just dance with her till the party lasts. Aditya nods yes and remembers Samaira’s words that he will dance only with her.

Precap: Madhu dances on Kamli kamli song and tries to lure Aditya.

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