Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu alleges Aditya that he tried to kill her and Samaira helped him in his plan. Avinash asks Madhu to mind her tongue. Madhu asks Avinash to shut up. Samaira asks Madhu to behave properly with her dad. Madhu asks if she did not think about her behaviour when she went in her husband’s arms and says she helped him when she did not give divorce to Aditya. Mohanto is shocked to hear about divorce. Aditya says he felt ashamed to tell about divorce issue. Mohanto says how can she play with such a sacred thing like divorce. Aditya says Samaira tries to play with his feelings always and he fears she will leave him some day for sure. Madhu says she just made a drama of divorce to know the truth. Aditya says he is tired of her now after today’s incident. Madhu laughs and says he does a good acting and his acting won’t affect anyone. Aditya says he does not want to argue with her and asks inspector to take him from here. Mohanto stops him. Aditya says when he knows he is innocent, then why should he worry. Mohanto asks inspector to leave Aditya. Madhu asks Mohanto how can he not believe her. Mohanto asks her to stop it and says inspector that it is a family matter and he will sort himself. He says Madhu that he will investigate about it and asks inspector to find who attempted murder on Madhu. Madhu says Mohanto truth will come in front of everyone one day and goes from there. Mohanto says Aditya that he was with Madhu always in her bad and good days and wants him to console Madhu. Aditya assures him he will speak to Madhu and asks him not to take tension.

Aditya comes to his room and sees Madhu in his room. Madhu says she will make his life hell. Aditya asks her to believe him that he did not try to kill her. Madhu says she is not Shikha Gupta to believe him and says he escaped because of Mohanto today, but will not escape futher and she will punish him which he would not have dreamt of and asks him to start counting his days. Aditya gets angry and asks her not to warn him and stop alleging him. He asks if she has gone mad. Madhu says he has gone mad and will make it right. Aditya asks her not to even try, else she will repent. He says we both have a past which even Shikha knew and if she tries to be oversmart, he will inform everything to her dad and what will he do when he will know that Arnav is Shikha’s Manav. He says Mohanto will kick her out of house on the street. He asks if it is enough or he should explain her more and asks her to get out. Madhu angrily goes out.

Samaira sees Aditya tensed and asks him what happened. Aditya says Madhu is behind him now and he escaped from going to jail today. Madhu jokes. Aditya asks her to stop joking and says he was about to go to jail for a crime which he did not do. Samaira asks he was having a plan to kill Madhu today, what if someone is doing on his behalf. Aditya says he cannot kill Madhu and told her the reason, if Madhu gets even a scratch, he will go to jail. He says I will find out who is trying to kill Madhu. Samaira assures nothing will happen to Madhu now. Aditya asks how can she assure that. Madhu says she tried to kill Madhu and did not know about the prenuptial clause. Aditya he cannot divorce Madhu or do her anything, what should he do now. He says he loves her a lot and cannot live without her. He cannot stay with Madhu and will go mad. Samaira says she will not let anything happent to him and explains her future plan to him. He smiles and says it is a brilliant idea. She says from today, Madhu will be in fear.

Neeraj calls Shikha and asks her what is happening there. Shikha says everything is perfect and asks why is she tensed. Neeraj says they had a good chance to kill Madhu and send Aditya to jail, then why did she save Madhu. Shikha says if her plan was to kill them, then she would have done it long back, she wants them to suffer every moment. He asks what does she mean. She says slowly he will understand. She says she need some goods and will inform him when to send them.

Samaira comes to Arnav’s room and starts playing with him. Nanny says Arnav gets happy seeing her and she feels they both have a close relationship. Samaira asks Nanny to bring something for Arnav to eat. Samaira then says Arnav/Manav that she has come to take him with her and for that he has to help her. She takes him out of his room and gives him Shikha’s pic. Manav repeats mummy seeing Shikha’s pic.

She sees Madhu there and hides. Madhu gets irritated Manav calling mummy and asks him to stop calling mummy as his mumy is dead. He sees Shikha’s pic with Manav and gets tensed. Madhu thinks Aditya had kept that pic, angrily goes to his room, and points a gun at him. Aditya asks what is she doing. Madhu asks if he has any last wish and asks him to check that pic. Aditya checks the pic and sees it is Shikha’s pic with “Samaira, our plan is roling now” written on it.

Precap: Inspector gives a sketch to Mohanto and says this man was seeing roaming around the Madhu’s steam room.

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