Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th January 2014 Written Update

Shikha hits Sameer’s head with vase. He fells down. She carries Manav and runs. Sameer starts chasing her. It is dark outside. Shikha is still running in a jungle. Sameer calls Shikha and Manav and says you can’t escape from here. It is morning now, she is hiding in a burrow. Sameer is still searching her. He calls someone and tells Shikha escaped and his 2-1/2 year’s hard word went in vain. He then sees Shikha/Manav and starts chasing her. Shikha goes till the mountain edge and cries seeing Sameer coming near her. Sameer comes near her and asks her to give her hand to him. He says if you fall down, you won’t be alive. Shikha says if I give my hands, even you will kill me. She asks why is he doing this to her. He says not to ask him anything. She says think of Manav

at least. He says exactly think of Manav and give me your hand. She gives her hand. He snatches Manav from her and catches her hand.

Sameer then says goodbye Shikha and pushes her from the mountain. Shikha falls down from mountain in to the lake. People around the lake see her falling. Sudha gets a bad dream and wakes up calling Shikha. Avinash asks what happened. She says she saw a very bad dream. He says it is just a dream and to relax. Sudha says she is worried as morning dream always gets true. She asks him to call Shikha and check. Avinash says it is early morning and they would be enjoying the holiday and I will call them in the morning. Somone from the crowd jumps into the water and saves Shikha. Serial’s first day show’s recap is shown where police take her into ambulance. They take her to a hospital.

Shikha is badly injured and her right side face is smashed. Surgeons do surgery on her. Surgeon comes out. Inspector asks her how is the girl. He says not to worry she will be saved. Shikha is in coma on bed with her face wrapped in bandage. Sudha and Avinash come home from police station. Mahi asks her what did police say and gives water to Sudha. Sudha starts crying and says until she hear Shikha’s voice she wont drink or eat anything. Mayakka is in the hospital looking Shikha from the window. She says Sikha is still unconscious since 3 days and prays god to help her. Sudha is praying god to help Shikha and her family.

Shikha gets heart attack. Doctors give her defibrillator shock, but she dies. Doctors remove oxygen mask and other monitors from her. Her sole gets away from her in white saree. Her other sole in red saree comes adn asks her not to give up so easily and to fight. White saree sole comes out of room. Red saree soul shows the people outside who saved her and says these people are worried for you. At least think of Manav, what will happen to him. Don’t you want to ask Sameer why he did this to you. He betrayed not only you but your whole family. You fought well in life, you wrote so many good things about women rights in your poem, now you want to go just like that. The person who betrayed you can betray other girls also. Will you leave him just like that and forgive him. Will you allow him to win? White saree soul then remembers how Sameer poured petrol and hit her and dropped her from mountain. It goes back into dead Shikha, and Shikha wakes up calling Sameer.

No precap

Update Credit to: MA

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