Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu tears divorce papers. Aditya and Samaira sees it shockingly. Madhu says he wanted nobody to come in between them, now if he is happy. Aditya smiles. Samaira angrily goes from there. Madhu follows her and asks if she is not happy about her close friend’s marriage being saved and gives her sweets. Samaira eats sweets and congrats her for not divorcing her husband. She asks her why did not she divorce Aditya. Madhu says she does not want Aditya to go to Samaira. She realized you both will be enjoying after my divorce, so thought of revenging. She asks Samaira to go back to her home and says she will not let them both live peacefully.

Aditya is busy with Samaira’s promotional advertisement meeting. Madhu comes there and says she will decide everything as she is company’s MD. She says Samaira will alone not promote out company’s products. She asks Aditya not to take decision and to just suggest as an AMD. Madhu asks Samaira to go out of board meeting and says she is a singer, so she should concentrate on her singing. Samaira angrily goes out from there. Madhu asks Aditya to live his seat as it is company’s MD’s seat. Aditya gives her the seat. She purposefully drops her diary and asks Aditya to pick that diary for her. She then asks him to bring water for her. Aditya gives her water. She says Aditya that she had told she will ruin his life. She spits water and says water is warm. Aditya says it cold. She drops water on him and asks if it is really cold water.

Neeraj calls Shikha and asks her to control herself. Shikha says her plan failed. Neeraj says Aditya loves her and will do anything for her, so she should use him. Aditya comes to Samaira’s cabin and angrily says Madhu insulted him in front of everyone. Samaira says he is a coward, so he should obey Madhu. She says Madhu insulted even her and asks if he does not angry being treated as a slave, if he does not have self-respect. She asks him to do something if he loves her. Aditya says he loves her. She asks him to divorce Madhu then and says she will not wait for him for a long time and asks him to do it fast.

Madhu goes for a spa session in a hotel. She goes into the steam room. Someone increases steam temperature and closes the door. Madhu starts feeling heat and thinks something is wrong. She starts coughing and feeling breathless. She tries to open the door, but door is locked. She falls unconscious.

Samaira sees clock and smiles. Avinash asks what is she smiling looking at a clock. Madhu says she is seeing her good times ahead and says she will get back her son Manav and nobody will come in between them, not even Aditya and Madhu.

Aditya while driving his car remembers how Madhu insulted him in front of everyone. Hotel staff opens steam room and gets Madhu out. Aditya calls his lawyer and asks if he read his prenuptial papers. Lawyer says there is a bad news for him and says if anything happens to Madhu, he will be held responsible for it and will go to jail. Aditya is shocked to hear that.

Aditya reaches Samaira’s room. Samaira says she was eagerly waiting for him and asks what news he has got for her. Aditya says his plan of killing Madhu failed. Samaira asks why he wanted to killed Madhu. Aditya says he did not have any other option and says even that option is lost now as his lawyer told if anything happens to Madhu, he will be blamed for everything. Samaira thinks Aditya cannot do anything, she will do it.

Aditya and Samaira hear Sunaina asking Madhu what happened to her. They both come down and see inspector saying Mohanto that someone tried to kill Madhu in a spa. Aditya comes down and asks Madhu what happened. Madhu says he tried to kill her and asks inspector to arrest him. Inspector arrests Aditya. Mohanto asks inspector to free Aditya. Madhu says she wants Aditya to be punished for trying to kill her. Aditya asks why will he kill her. Mohanto also asks the same question. Madhu says Aditya is having an affair with Samaira and says she told Mohanto before, but he did not believe her. She says Aditya wants to kill her to get Samaira and Samaira must have helped Aditya.

Precap: Aditya asks Madhu if she has gone mad. Madhu says he has gone mad and she will fix him. Aditya says they both have a past and he will reveal it to everyone.

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