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Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeraj sees Shikha in his room and does not get happy. She asks why did not he sleep yet. He says he is not getting sleep. She asks him why is he angry on her still, she says he has not understood her properly yet. She says she has not forgotten Aditya’s betrayal and so she went to hotel room with her. She wants Aditya and Madhu separate. Madhu was doubting them, but now she saw them together and is now divorcing Aditya as Aditya himself cannot divorce Madhu. It is a big victory for her. Aditya will be like a street dog and when he will come back to her, she will explain him his mistake.

Mohanto says Madhu’s face reminds him of his failure and does not know how to control her. Sunaina says Madhu is a motherless girl and she tried to give her mother’s love but could not make her feel as real mother. Mohanto says she is right and that is the reason Madhu did not forgive her as he married Sunaina and gave her mom’s place. Sunaina asks him not to feel bad about Madhu’s misbehaviour. Mohanto says he cannot forgive her mistakes as she is company’s MD and if she does not mend her ways, he will remove her from MD’s position and make Jai as MD. Sunaina says Madhu will be angry after that. Mohanto says he will handle everything well.

Sudha sees Shikhka and hugs her emotionally. She asks Shikha if she is fine. Shikha says she is fine. Sudha asks what was she doing in hotel room with Aditya as news reporters were bad mouthing about her. Shikha says she will not do anything which will make her parents sad and it was part of her plan.

Jai says with Madhu’s misbehaviour, dad will remove her from MD’s position and will make him as MD. Once he becomes MD, he will kick Madhu and Aditya out of house. Madhu comes there and says he cannot do anything and to forget about becoming MD until she is there, else she will ruin him. She says she knows dad better than anyone in this house, he loves her than anyone in this house and will not think of kicking her out of house. She asks him to think of himself.

Neeraj remembers Shikha’s words and gets tensed. His mind/inner self comes and asks if he is still tensed about Shikha going to a room with Aditya even after he warned her. He says he is his inner self whom he had hidden inside and asks him to profess his love for Shikha. Neeraj says there is nothing like that. Innerself asks to see in his eyes and tell that he does not love Shikha. Neeraj says he cannot love her as she has come with a goal here and he cannot misguide her. Innerself says true love is always strength and asks him not to lose the opportunity before it is too late and tell Shikha that he loves her. Neeraj calls Shikha, but cuts the call and says he cannot do it as it is not right.

Mohanto sits tensely on the sofa with Jai and Sunaina. Jai asks if he is tensed about Madhu. Madhu comes there and says she realized her mistake and whatever happened with Samaira was done by her for publicity. She says even wrong publicity with benefit them and their company’s share have gone up. Mohanto asks if she is thinking that she did right. Madhu says she did not come to tell him company’s share price but came to apologize him because he had to apologize Mr. Seth because of her. She promises not to repeat her mistakes again and will not become like old selfish Madhu. Jai says Madhu that she broke Mohanto’s belief many times and what is the guarantee this time. Madhu promises with her hand on fire that she will not hurt him again and asks him to forgive him and give her a chance. Mohanto says if she thinks she has made a mistake, then she should apologize Aditya and Samaira. She says she will and smirks. Mohanto says Sunaina yesterday Madhu misbehaved and today she apologized, he cannot understand her behavior.

Madhu comes to lawyer’s office and sees Samaira and Aditya there. She says Aditya that marriage and divorce is between then, then why is Samaira here. Samaira says Aditya is her good friend and she came to help him. Aditya asks Madhu to rethink about the divorce as it will affect their them and their family. Madhu says she knows what she is doing. Aditya says if she has decided, then he cannot reject her words. Samaira thinks Aditya is overacting. Madhu picks divorce papers and says these are just papers but will harm more than a weapon, for someone it is freedom and for someone it is destroying weapon. She says looking at Aditya’s face, it looks he is sad about divorce and asks if he loves him. Aditya says yes. She says he always obeys her and now she will obey him. She tears divorce papers. Samaira and Aditya shockingly see her tearing papers and then smiling.

Precap: Madhu misbehaves with Aditya and asks him to bring water for her. Madhu drinks water, spits and asks why did he give her warm water, she throws water on him.

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