Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th January 2014 Written Update

Shikha and Sameer reach home. She complains that he gets angry on her often and does not believe her much. She says she will go to Nasik for some days. Sameer tries to console her and asks her to smile, but she does not ad goes out of out. Sameer asks sorry for getting angry on her. Shikha says it is ok. She saw Sameer’s mom at the mall, she wants his parents to stay with them, but he is not believing her. Sameer says even he wants his parents to stay with us, but they are in Raipur. He says he will call his parents. He calls and call gets diverted to Sameer’s mom. He speaks to her and asks her to speak to Shikha. Shikha asks her to come and stay with them. She says food is on gas and will talk to her later and keeps the call. Shikha asks sorry to Sameer, she says mummyji is in Raipur, I might have seen someone else. Sameer says it is ok and asks her to smile. She smiles. Sameer picks Manav from car and asks Shikha to take her up and he will bring shopping goods from car. Shikha goes.

Sameer calls angrily and speaks to his duplicate mom. He says when I told you not to come to Nasik or mumbai until I say you, why did you come. She says sorry sir and I will leave mumbai now, I won’t let you complain again and keeps the call. Sameer calls one more person and says is it getting difficult to execute his plan in mumbai, will take Shikha on a holiday to Panchgani and will kill her there.

Mahi has prepared cake for her papa. Sudha asks if everything is arranged, she says yes. Vineet opens the door. Avinash comes in, he looks tensed. He asks why did you prepare the cake. He then surprises them that he got the promotion and to celebrate. He brings gifts to everybody, even to Sameer/Shikha/Manav. Sudha asks Vineet to courier the gifts. Avinash says they will go and gift them personally in mumbai. Vineet says he will call and inform Shikha. Avinash says not to call her and they will surprise Shikha.

Sameer prepares tea for him and Shikha. He praises Shikha about her creativeness. She drinks tea and says tea is really good. He says thank you. A letter falls. She picks and checks it. It is Panchgani resorts booking papers. Shikha gets excited. She says she has ot packed anything. Sameer says he has packed everything. Shikha asks about Manav’s toys, medicines, and other items. He says no. She says relax, I will pack the remaining items. She goes for packing excitedly.

Avinash and his family are traveling in a car to mumbai. Sudha asks Avinash to call Shikha and inform. Mahi and Vineet say not to call her and to give her a surprise.
Shikha/Sameer leave for Panchgani. Avinash’s family reach Shikha’s home. Shikha says she has not made such a quick trip plan in her life. She says she didnt even inform her laundryman, milkman etc. Avinash rings Shikha’s doorbell, but gets no response. He calls Shikha, but Sameer cuts the call. Shikha asks whose call was it. Sameer says it is an unknown number. He switches off the phone and says he doesn’t like distractions on a hoilday and wants to spend time with her. Avinash’s family wait for 1 hour. Sudha says she told him to call Shikha, but he didn’t listen her. Avinash calls Sameer, but gets no reponse. Mahi also says Shikha’s phone is also unavailable. They go to the neibhours and Avinash says Shikha is his daughter and they have come to meet her. Neighbours says Shikha is very sweet, but the don’t meet her family much. They say Sameer is arrogant and does not like to mingle with neighbours. They even tried to speak to him, but he didnt like it. Avinash asks sorry to disturb them, says Namaste and walks down. Mahi says in mumbai it is common for people to not know their neighbours, but she can’t believe Sameer is arrogant. He must be someone else.

Sameer/Shikha reach Panchgani resort. Sameer asks how is the resorts, she says it is good and gets happy. Shikha asks why there is nobody here. He says it is good, less people means more romance. They get out of the car and manager greets them. Avinash’s family are still waiting for Shikha. Sudha asks them to leave for home. Mahi/Vineet says they want to see Manav and even Sameer would get angry if they go like this. Window glass breaks. Vineet says he will go and check.

Shikha is happy seeing the resort and appreciates Sameer. He says not to praise him so much, else he will stop. Shikha says she know how her Sameer is and is waiting for the next surprise.
Shikha/Sameer go inside the resort. She gets excited seeing the the hall. Manav starts crying. Shikha says she will go inside and calm Manav. Sameer gives an evil smile.

Precap: Sameer carries Shikha and drops her on the bed. She is unconsious. He pours petrol on the window curtains and everywhere. Shikha wakes up and sees Sameer pouring petrol allover.

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