Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th December 2013 Written Update

Shikha requests her papa to allow her to go to office. He does not allow her saying her safety is his responsibility and leaves to office. Shikha is very sad. She tries calling her office to inform about this, but office phone is busy. Sameer is seen remembering Shikha and he SMSes Shikha. Shikha sees his SMS and calls him back. He asks if she is alright. She says she is fine. He says he just wanted to know how she is now and does not want to disturb her during office hours. Shikha says she didn’t go to office as her papa told not to go to office until the culprit is caught. He says uncle is right in this regard and not to worry. He says if she needs his help anytime, to call him as a friend. Shikha’s papa goes to police station. Inspector says he

is busy and to wait inside and leaves.

Shikha’s mom comes to her room and asks her to eat something. She tries to cheer her up. She says not to be sad, her papa’s worry for her is valid one. Shikha says it is not the matter of her going to office, it is her freedom which is at stake. Mahi and Vineet come and try to cheer her up. Mahi says it is good that she can spend sometime with them now. They drag her to kitchen to make cake. Sameer comes to and asks for an IP address of the culprit. Owner says he cannot give his customer’s details. Sameer says do you have any idea how much the girl and her family are suffering. Girl is followed by a stalker all the time. Owner says without police’s request he can’t do anything and asks security to take Sameer out.

Gappu is standing near Shikha’s desk looking at it. Pooja sees it and says it is good Shikha is not there now, she will write Shikha’s column now. Gappu says she is not that talented. She does not have Shikha’s unique thinking power. Even boss knows that. Pooja gets furious and goes back to her desk. She has some cruel plan.

Shikha is preparing cake with Mahi. She gets Nisha’s call. Nisha asks her to meet her at 6 p.m. for shopping. Shikha first says yes but seeing her family says she will call Nisha back.

Inspector calls Shikha’s papa. Sameer is also in police station. Shikha’s papa sees Sameer, ignores him, and goes to inspector’s desk. Inspector assures him not to worry, he will find the culprit. As soon as they get information about the culprit, he will call him. Inspector calls Sameer. Sameer says even he has come with the same complaint. Inspector says if he has come with the same complaint, why didn’t they come together. He asks Sameer who is he to Shikha. Sameer says he is her friend. Sameer says he can catch the culprit easily if he can get his IP address. He even went to office, but they didn’t give him the IP address. Inspector says cyber crime branch is taking care of it and asks him not to interfere. He gets very angry and asks Shikha’s papa to take Sameer’s help and he wont be helpig him anymore and walks out. Sameer says Shikha’s papa that police will just fool him and won’t help him. Shikha’s papa requests Sameer not to interfere and to please go.

Shikha calls her papa while he is driving back. She says Nisha called her and asked Shikha to accompany her for shopping. Her papa says not to go out and cuts the call. Shikha is very tensed and sad.

Shikha calls Nisha and informs about the whole incident. Nisha says uncle is right, not to worry about her shopping and not to go out of house. Shikha’s mom brings cake. Mahi picks the cake, she gets a call on her mobile and goes inside. Shikha’s mom asks if she got a call back from Nisha. She says yes and says they were very excited about Nisha’s marriage, now with these incidents she can’t even go out of house. Nisha’s mom tries to pacify her and asks her to be strong at this tough time. Door bell rings and Nisha’s mom opens the door. Nisha’s papa comes home. He informs that he went to police station and could not go to office. He asks his wife to explain Shikha not go out. If he has told no, then why is she insisting. He says Sameer came to police station and wanted to help. He argued with inspector about IP address. Shikha overhears this and asks which address. He tells IP address. Police wanted to kick him out, but he managed somehow, else police was stopping even their investigation. Door bell rings. Shikha’s papa opens the door and sees Sameer. He gets very angry. Sameer says to listen to him first. He says he got the IP address.

Precap: Shikha’s papa asks how can he say if the IP address is correct. Sameer says he asked all his office staff to finding the IP address and this information is true. Shikha asks her papa to go and check.

Update Credit to: MA

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