Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunaina shows Samaira jewelry and bridal dresses and asks her to select some for her wedding. Samaira reminisces about her past wedding with Avinash giving her his credit card to shop for her wedding. Sunaina asks her to select the best bridal dress. Aditya comes down. Sunaina asks him also to help Samaira select dress. Aditya says his choice is bad and to select themselves. Samaira emotionally says she is worried about Madhu. Mohanto says fate cannot be changed.

Nurses bring medicines and ask Madhu to drink them. Madhu drinks medicine but spits it out once nurses go from there.

Jai and Sunaina are busy with decorating house for tonight’s marriage. Aditya says Jai he wants to talk to him and takes him in. Aditya asks him to give his recording as he has stopped property transfer in Samaira’s name. Aditya smirks and says recording is like a magic lamp for him and he wants Aditya to be out of house after his marriage. He says when he goes out of house, he will hand him that recording. Aditya asks him how can he believe him. Jai says he does not have any choice.

Samaira comes to Aditya’s room and calls him. Aditya comes from behind. Tujhe milke laga hai ye….song plays in the background. Samaira asks why did he call him. Aditya looks at her romantically and says he did not propose her yet. He shows her a ring bending on his knees and asks will he marry him. He says he has brought her some more rings as he did not know her size. She asks if he wants to her to try all these rings. She tries all rings but none fits. Finally last ring fits her. He asks again will she marry him. Samaira reminisces Sameer telling her he loves. She says yes to Aditya. Aditya hugs her while she frowns.

Samaira comes to Arnav’s room and asks him who she is. He says mamma. She emotionally hugs him and his his mamma loves him a lot and will not leave him alone from hereon. Sunaina comes and asks why is she here instead of getting ready for her marriage. Servant gives Samaira a sherwani. She shows it to Sunaina and says she wants Arnav to be with her during wedding ceremony. Sunaina says she gets happy when she sees her with Arnav.

Samaira comes to Madhu’s mental ward and says she is marrying Aditya today. She shows her bridal collection with sindoor, mangalsutra, etc., to Madhu and asks how is it. She says she sent Aditya as Sameera to marry her, now she is marrying Aditya again but this time Aditya is in a trap, you both ruined my life, now I will destroy your life. Difference is story is, there Shikha escaped death, but here you both will not escape. Madhu says she cannot do anything to them. Samaira says she will meet her again as Mrs. Aditya.

Precap: Avinash asks Shikha to think again before marriage. Shikha says like he is worried her, she is worried about her son and can do anything to be with him.

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