Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya hugs Samaira romantically. Samaira says she is not yet her wife. Aditya says she will soon be. They both look at each other romantically. Aditya tries to kiss her, but Samaira pushes him and locks herself into her washroom saying still 1 day is left for marriage.

Jai comes home and says Mohanto that he wants to talk something. Sunaina says we have a marriage ahead in house and Mohanto cannot talk about business now. She instead asks him to help them in marriage arrangements. Jai asks Mohanto how can he give 15% property share to Samaira, he is feeling something fishy in Mr. Seth/Avinash’s demands. Mohanto says every father wants to secure their children’s future and it is obvious for Mr. Seth also. Mohanto adamantly says he will not change is decision. Jai angrily goes from there.

Jai and Aarya tensely sit in a room. Aarya says how can dad transfer 15% property share to Samaira. Jai says Aditya will stop this.

Aditya is busy talking to someone and informing that he is marrying Samaira. Jai comes there and plays a clip where Aditya is telling Madhu that he loves Samaira and he is the one who sent her to mental assylum. Aditya is shocked to hear the clip and asks how did he get it. Jai asks him not to stress his mind so much. Aditya asks what does he want. Jai says he should stop Mohanto from transferring property share to Samaira.

Mohanto, Avinash and Samaira reach lawyer’s office. Mohanto asks lawyer if property transfer papers are ready. Lawyer says yes and gives him papers. Aditya and Jai on the other side are coming their car to stop the transfer. Jai calls Samaira, but she does not pick his call. Jai plays the clip again. Aditya asks him to stop the clip. Jai says he was just checking. They both reach lawyer’s office. Aditya stops Samaira from signing papers and says he does not want to marry as it is looking like a business deal and we do business deals with clients in office. He tears papers while Jai smirks. He says Avinash money and business will be there today and may not be there tomorrow, one thing remains will be trust. He asks him if he does not value Mohanto’s words and says relationships are earned, they are not made. He further says he does not want to marry and goes from there. Mohanto says he will speak to Aditya. Samaira says she will speak to him and goes behind Aditya.

Samaira asks Aditya how dare he is to talk like that to her dad. Aditya days if he would not have done that, Mohanto would have known their reality and says Jai has a recording of his talk with Madhu accepting his love for Samaira. He warned to stop the property transfer, else he will give that recording to Mohanto. Samaira asks what will happen now, how will we marry then. Aditya says he has another plan and will marry her for sure. He then smirks.

Sunaina asks Aditya why did he stop property transfer when it was already decided. Aditya says he did not want to do business in relationship. Sunaina asks what about Arnav then. Samaira and Avinash come there and Aditya says Samaira and Aditya’s marriage will happen for sure tomorrow. Mohanto asks what about the deal. Avinash says it was his mistake, he wanted to secure Samaira’s future, but Aditya opened his eyes by showing my mistake. He starts praising Aditya and says he is a very good guy and he knows his daughter will be happy with Aditya. Jai thanks Avinash for realizing the the goodness of Aditya and accepting Arnav. Mohanto says now I will transfer Samaira’s 15% share in Arnav’s name. He asks Jai if he has to say something. Jai says no.

Precap: Samaira says Madhu that she is marrying Aditya now and says she had trapped her by marrying Shikha to Sameer, now Aditya is trapped.

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