Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th December 2013 Written Update

Sameer’s mom catches him watching Shikha’s pic on laptop. He closes the laptop and says just like that. His father comes and asks Sameer to accompany him to play tennis.

Shikha’s papa and Vineet come home. They say they have filed a complaint. Shikha’s papa says this would not have happened if she would have told me before. Shikha says sorry to him and hugs. He says he gets very tensed if Shikha gets even a scratch. He realized now how it would be to be a girl’s father. Shikha asks him to relax, but he is tensed still. She asks to smile, else she will call her bro and sis. They come and make their papa laugh.

Shikha gets ready to go to office. She gets a call from her boss who asks her to reach office soon and get sweets

while coming. He says there is a surprise waiting for her. Calls gets cut before she could ask his permission to come late. She asks her papa if she they can go in the evening to office. He does not agree and asks to come now, no matter if she leaves the job.

Shikha’s mom comes and says Shikha to accompany her father first. They leave their home. Shikha sees the car standing again. Her father asks if it is the same car. He goes and opens the door and sees Sameer inside. Sameer comes out, greets them, and touches Shikha’s papa’s feet. Sameer says his parents feel sorry about yesterday’s incident and have sent a bouquet. Shikha says there was no need of flowers as they had told sorry yesterday itself. Sameer said his parents sent this bouquet and he can’t deny their order and gives it to Shikha’s father. Shikha’s father says to convey his thanks to his parents. Shikha is brushed by a bike while walking and her files and bag fall. Sameer helps her. She gets into an auto and goes. Sameer sees Shikha’s paper on road and picks it.

Mahi comes and picks Vineet’s phone. Vineet asks why. She says she has to call. He says call it from your mobile. She requests. Sameer taunts her she wants to call her boyfriend, so she wants mobile. He blackmails her to give 10 rs per minute. She agrees and takes the phone.

Shikha’s father asks owner how can someone make such a big fraud. Owner says it is an internet site and anybody can make an account for free. Shikha’s father gets tensed. Owner says he is talking in high pitch. Shikha requests to check the account. Owner checks it and says account is deleted 30 min ago. Shikha and her papa are shocked to see this. He says it is just 45 min max since leaving home, maybe someone is keeping an eye on them.

Shikha says maybe because of police’s fear culprit would have deleted the account. She requests her father to move now as she is getting late now to office. She takes an auto and leaves. She comes to office. Boss is infuriated. He says he can’t tolerate her coming late now. He asks the reason. She says about the car and account. Gappu interferes and asks his boss to forgive Shikha as she is very tensed now and asks about the surprise. Boss says there was very good response for her poem and he has decided to publish a column in Shikha’s name every week permanently. Shikha is happy and thanks her boss. Everybody claps and boss distributes sweets to all. Shikha sees her poem in the magazine and is very happy.

Shikha calls Nisha and informs her about her column. She asks to buy her magazine at least now. Nisha says she would hear the poems from Shikha’s mouth itself, then why to buy a magazine. Nisha asks if she has informed her parents, she says not yet. Nisha asks her to accompany her for her marriage shopping. Shikha says she has taken permission from boss to leave early tomorrow. Shikha walks on the road after office. A bike stops in front of her with 2 people wearing helmet on it. They throw ink on her and go. She stands shockingly on road.

Precap: Sameer comes and gives his kerchief to Shikha. Shikha wipes her face crying.

Update Credit to: MA

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