Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th April 2014 Written Update

Shikha comes home and sees her family angry on her. Shikha asks Avinash not to be angry on her. Avinash says he is angry on himself and says he cannot leave her to fight alone and go. Shikha says if you people are safe, she will be in piece and it will be their biggest help for them. Sudha says Avinash is right, we will be worried about you always. Mahi also backs Shikha. Shikha says she does not like to repeatedly tell them to go there. She then asks Avinash not to go out of that town without informing her, she will come there to meet them. She hugs her whole family before they leave. Shikha sadly sees them going and holds Neeraj’s hand.

Aditya comes to his office and sees Samaira’s photos being removed from his office. He asks his staff why are they

removing photos. Staff says Madhu asked to remove Samaira’s pics as she has been replaced by supermodel Alisha as company’s brand ambassador. Aditya meets Alisha and says he cannot make her brand ambassador of the company and asks her to leave. He goes to Jai’s cabin. Jai asks if he came to his cabin by mistake. Aditya says did not do mistake, but he is doing mistake by replacing Alisha with Samaira. Jai Samaira she must have gone to Switzerland by now. Aditya says we can call her back. Jai says if he wants her back professionally or personally. He says he should think about company first and goes out of Jai’s cabin.

Madhu finishes her meeting and asks her secretary to call Alisha to sign the contract. Secretary says Alisha went after Aditya asksed her to go. Madhu gets angry on Aditya.

Neeraj comes to Aditya’s office in disguise and says he wants to meet Aditya. Madhu comes and asks him who is he. He says he wants to give a parcel to Aditya. She says he would have given to receptionist. Neeraj says he has orders to give it to Aditya. Madhu says she is his wife and to give it to her. He gives it to her and goes. Aditya asks what is it. She says a parcel for him. She asks to give to him. She says she wants to check herself and finds a ring in the box. She gets angry and goes from there. Aditya goes behind her. She shouts on him and says you lied to me that you lost the ring. She says you yourself left the ring and asks where did you leave it. Aditya says he does not know. She says you left with someone whom he went for a drive yesterday. Aditya says she is noticing each movement of his now a days. Madhu says she is not Shikha Gupta to listen to him and asks if he was with Samaira yesterday. Aditya says Samaira went to Switzerland. Madhu says she knows something is going on in his mind and asks him to mend himself. She asks him to leave her cabin, and he goes.

Aditya gets call from Samaira who asks her what is he doing and says she sent his ring back. Aditya says Madhu picked that ring. Samaira says Madhu would have scolded her and asks if he is ok. Aditya says he is ok and asks her to be careful. She says he should have been careful and would have picked the ring himself. Samaira says why is he talking so loudly to her. He says he is not and then asks sorry. Samaira says this is what happens in relationships and then cuts the call. Aditya then calls Madhu but then cuts it hearing Madhu’s angry voice. He thinks he has to do something else than saying sorry this time. Peon comes and gives a letter to Aditya. He sees it and gets shocked that it is his dismissal letter. He thinks he should think about convincing her with something else than saying sorry. He calls receptionist and asks her to connect it to Madhu. Recpitionst says Madhu is going for a corporate meeting. Aditya comes to he parking lot and sees Madhu going in a car. He gives evil smile.

Madhu’s car stop after a distance. Driver checks and says car has to be repaired. Madhu asks him to call the mechanic to repair. Madhu calls office and asks to send a car. Mechanic comes and repairs the car. He asks Madhu he sent Aditya’s ring which he left yesterday while repairing his car. Madhu hears that. Office car comes and she gets into it and goes.

Precap: Aditya says Madhu if he is removed from AMD post, Jai will become AMD and then nobody can stop him from becoming MD.

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