Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Aditya drags Samaira out of her car. He asks driver to shift Samaira’s baggage into her. Samaiara asks him to leave her as she will miss her flight. She says there is nothing in between then, then why is he holding her. Aditya says he apologized her and asks her to believe him. Samaira says she believed him, but he betrayed her. Aditya says he remembers her all the time and her face revolves in his eyes always. Samaira says he remembers Shikha, not her. Aditya asks her to believe her, he remembers her. Samaira says she does not believe him. She says we are not college going kids that we live today and forget about tomorrow, we have to take decisions about future. She asks him to go home as his wife Madhu will be waiting for him. She says him goodbye and turns towards her car. Aditya says her I love you. She stops. Rain starts. Samaira remembers Sameer asking her/Shikha to marry him and pushing her from the cliff. She turns back and asks what did he say. She says he loves her a lot and asks her to go if she does not believe him. Samaira goes and hugs him. He says he thinks their relationship is very deep, must be from past life. Samaira says I dunno about past life, but this life our relationship will be very deeper.

Neeraj takes Madhu to police station. Madhu says inspector to tell Neeraj to take money and leave her as she is getting late. Inspector says she is from Jagannath family and asks him to leave her. Neeraj thinks he wasted Madhu’s lot of time now. He asks Madhu to leave and says he will break her superego once.

Aditya and Samaira get drenched in rain. Aditya wraps his blazer on Shikha. She remembers Sameer’s words that she looks beautiful in wet hair. She asks Aditya that he is getting romantic in rain. Aditya asks her also to get romantic as he told her I love you many times, why is she still shy. Samaira shows his wedding ring and says it reminds her the distance between them. Aditya removes his ring and says now distance is cleared. Samaira says with just removing the ring, he cannot hide the reality. Aditya gets Madu’s call. She shows him her call and says this is the reality, he has to go to her if he does not like. She says Madhu is important than her. Aditya cuts her call and says Samaira that she is important to her than Madhu and will clear the hurdles between them soon. Samaira says, it is ok, you should go to Madhu now and asks him to drop him to her home as her taxi has left.

Madhu angrily waits for Aditya. He comes home. She asks her where did he go at 3 a.m. He says he went for a drive. She asks where is his wedding ring. Samaira takes the ring and says Aditya made a mistake by giving the ring to her, he will repent. Aditya says Madhu that he lost the ring. She asks what about the calls, if he threw it. She asks why is he drenched in rain. He says when he does not get sleep, he goes for a walk. She says he goes to lawn for a walk, then why did he go in a car. She says she even followed her. He asks what did she see. She says some stupid struck her car and could not follow him further.

Neeraj brings champagne and says we should celebrate for today’s victory. She says our victory will be when Aditya kicks Mahu out of his life. Neeraj says we will celebrate then, but today also we should celebrate as she worked hard for this. She says without his help, she would not have done it, thanks and hugs her.

Aditya asks Madhu if the culprit did not do anything to her. She asks him not to change the words and says Samaira’s flight was in midnight, so he must have gone behind. Aditya says he went for a walk and asks her to believe him. Madhu warns him that if he lies, she will punish him again.

Aditya gets a call in the morning. Madhu asks him to pick the call. He sees it is Samaira’s call and cuts it. He says it is from office. Madhu goes out. He calls Samaira and says hello princess. Samaira says she does not like him calling princess. He says he will come to her house to say good night. She says you are becoming free, seems Madhu is not in the room. She asks if Madhu scolded her. Aditya says he does not want to discuss about it. She says Madhu misbehaves with him a lot, but he always tolerates him, dunno when he wil get away from her. Aditya says very soon. She asks him to get ready and go to office, she will send his ring by afternoon to his office and asks him to receive the ring himself.

Precap: Neeraj brings parcel for Aditya and gives it to Madhu. Madhu opens the parcel and is shocked to see it is their wedding ring.

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