Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Sameer takes Shikha to the restaurant with people playing violin for them. She gets happy. Sameer says there is nothing more than her than you for me and why will I scold you for a watch. They start dancing on a background music from movie Om Shanti Om. Snow falls on them. Shikha sees that and gets very happy and says “I can’t believe this, you really made snow fall.” Sameer says as I told you whatever you ask I will bring it for you. They get emotional and kiss. They promise each other that they won’t seperate. Sameer picks Shikha and takes her to their bed and they consummate their marriage. Tum ho paas mere, saath mere song is played in the background.

Sameer gets ready for his office in the morning. Shikha helps him get ready. She suddenly gets nauseated

and vomits. Sameer gets happy and asks if they are expecting a child. She says yes shyingly. He picks her up happily. Sameer serves her breakfast, and they feed each other. Sameer checks baby’s moments on Shikha’s tummy and gets happy. He brings lots of toys for their yet to born kid. Shikha’s tummy bulges and they both are seen walking. They both are happy for their upcoming child. Sameer is seen signing hospital consent form and giving it to nurse.

A baby is born and Sameer is seen picking the baby and smiling. He kisses the baby. Shikha is seen lying unconscious on the bed. She opens her eyes and sees Sameer and their baby. He takes it to her and they both kiss the baby. Baby’s naming ceremony happens and both Shikha and Sameer’s parents are seen around. Pandit asks for a name with M word. Shikha calls the baby as Manav. Everybody gets happy and play with the child.

Baby is seen a bit grown now. Shikha tries to feed him, but he doesn’t eat. She gets angry on him, he calls her maa. She gets very happy and calls Sameer. They both ask him to cal maa again. He again speaks maa. They both get very happy. Sameer gets a call. He goes away from Manav and Shikha and picks the call. He says “don’t worry, everything is happening as we thought. Your plan is at the last stage now. Shikha will die very soon and I will be with you.” He asks to start preparing for celebrations and keeps the call. He gives an evil smile. Shikha is seen praying god. Sameer comes and sees her praying. Shikha prays to protect him. Sameer thinks his wife prays wrong god, he is his god and whatever he thinks will happen. Shikha prays for her son and husband. Sameer thinks in his mind he can’t play drama anymore and asks Shikha to pray for the last time and lets see if gold will help you. Shikha turns and sees Sameer. He says you already got ready. He comes near her, kisses her forehead and says goodmorning.

Shikha says she will serve him food and bring Manav as he would have got up by now. She brings Manav. Shikha sees a gift and asks what is it. He asks her to open and check. He says it is a gift from him as she streechahaya magazine completed 100 edition with her columns. She gets very happy. He congrats her and hugs her. She thanks him and asks if he remembered this. He says of course he remembered. He says you are a big writer and would get ideas anytime, anywhere, so you deserve more than this.

Shikha thanks her again. He says your welcome and asks for the magazine. She says it didn’t come yet. She says she will serve food and goes. Sudha is seen serving breakfast to Avinash. Courier comes. Sudha sees the courier and says it is streechaya magazine. Avinash says it would be 100th editiion of Shikha’s column. They see Shikha’s column and get happy. Sudha says time flew so fast, it looks like Shikha column just started some days back. Avinash says yes time flows fast. He even now thinks
Shikha will come from her room and ask him to drop her to office. He misses Shikha and gets happy that she is happy with her family. Sudha says you are right, children stay far or near, they should be happy always.

Sameer gets a call. He looks around and pics it. He says he is waiting for the right opportunity and he is sure that he will get that opportunity today. He asks the caller that he will call, he doesn’t want Shikha to doubt him. He keeps the call.

He thinks in his mind “you were a pawn for me and I was a player. I will play your life’s last move and will kill you.”

Precap: Sudha is cleaning the house. Avinash asks Sudha some papers. She says she didn’t see. Shikha’s pic falls by mistake. She picks it and sees the glass broken. She gets worried and asks Avinash to check if Shikha is alright or not.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. I think the story is going a bit too fast! But, anyways it even seems interesting every episode as whatz going in sameer aka aditya jagannath’s mind.

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