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Madhu says a king sacrifices thousands of soldiers to win, she just sacrificed Shikha to get back into Mohanto family. She says Shikha was fool who did not know what is happening around and when she knew about it, it was too late and she was down the cliff. She then gets unconscious. Aditya thanks god that Madhu fell unconscious before telling about him.

Shikha walks on the road remembering what Madhu said. She is so engrasped in her thoughts that she does not hear a truck coming behind. Neeraj saves her on time. Samaira asks why did not he go. Neeraj says it is good that he did not go, else she would have met with an accident. Samaira says Aditya is not just a culprit, Madhu was the mastermind and she did it for money. Neeraj says how can a human stoop to such a low level. Shikha/Samaira says they are not human, they are animals to do such cruel thing. She says they took her child and destroyed her life, now she will destroy them. Neeraj asks Shikha to control herself. Shikha says she will take revenge from Madhu before Aditya.

Samaira gets down of car before Jagannath mansion and asks Neeraj to go before anyone sees him. Aditya’s car is seen just then. Neeraj hides. Aditya comes out of his car and asks Samaira if she is fine. Samaira hugs her. Aditya says she forgive him at last and says now she believes him and cleared confusion. Samaira says she wants them to unite now. Aditya says how can it be. Samaira asks him to divorce Madhu. Aditya is shocked to hear that. She says if he wants them to unite, then he has to divorce Madhu and come with her. Madhu asks if he loves her and can do anything for her, then she should show the wolrd that their love not just on words and asks him again if he will divorce Madhu. Aditya says yes. Samaira says let us celebrate then and asks him to go home and arrange for a champagne bottle, she will join him later. Aditya says okay and leaves. Once he goes, Neeraj comes and asks why did she asks Aditya to divorce Madhu. Saamria says Madhu and Aditya destroyed her life, so she will destroy their life now.

Aditya’s lawyer informs him that he cannot divorce Madhu as he and Madhu had signed a prenuptial agreement. He says it reads if he divorces Madhu, then he should give her 100 crores and he will not get anything from Jagannath group. Aditya asks for a soultion. Lawyer says if Madhu herself divorces him, then he does not have to pay her anything. Madhu comes there just then and asks lawyer why is he here. Aditya says he called lawyer to discuss some investment decision. Madhu asks what investment. Aditya asks lawyer to leave and says he will discuss with him later. He hugs Madhu romantically and indulges her in his sugar-coated talks.

Aditya informs Samaira that he cannot divorce Madhu due to the prenuptial agreement, he will not get anything from Jagannath group and will have to give 100 crores to Madhu. Samaira asks why did he love her and if she matters in life or not. Samaira says if she does not divorce Madhu, then she cannot be with him. She says he cannot stay without him for a minute, but he does not want to leave Madhu. Aditya says he wants to divorce Madhu, but he is helpless and asks her to give some time until he starts his own business and arranges money. Samaira says it is not that easy. Aditya says if she is there with him, then nothing is difficult for him.

Samaira is very tensed about Aditya’s refusal to divorce Madhu. She informs Neeraj about Madhu and Aditya’s prenuptial agreement and says she does not know how to break their relationship. She then gets an idea and smiles. She calls Aditya and says she will give him time until he divorces Madhu and really loves him. Aditya says he also loves him and says he cannot stay with her right now. Samaira says she wants to spend a romantic night with him. Aditya gets happy. Neeraj is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Aditya lifts Samaira happily. He then romantically touches her.

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