Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th June 2014 Written Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira asks Arnav to sit with Mohanto while she goes and brings his toy. Aranav refers her as mamma and asks her not to go. She stops and turns back. She apologizes everyone for Arnav’s mistake. Aditya says Arnav that Samaira is not his mamma. Samaira aplogizes everyone again. Jai says they have to thank her for taking care of Arnav. Sunaina says Jai is right, Arnav called her mother, it is a big thing, she thanks him on her family’s behalf.

Aditya asks Samaira if she has learnt magic and says he is suprised to see Jai praising her. She says even she is surprised. Aditya says Jai is too selfish and must be thinking of something, he asks her to be careful.

Mohanto remembers Sunaina’s words that Arnav will spoil like Madhu if he does not get a mother. Sunaina comes and asks why is he tensed. Mohanto says he is worried about Arnav. Sunaina asks her not to worry as Samaira is taking care of Arnav well. Mohanto says Samaira is a guest and will go back soon. Sunaina picks Jai’s pic and says we will let Samaira marry Jai, Arnav will get maami/anty as maa/mother. Mohanto asks her to speak with Jai first. Sunaina says she will speak to him once he comes back from office.

Aarya comes Jai’s office and drags him with her. He asks where is she taking him. She says she wants to take him to psychiastrist and asks why did he praise Samaira so much. Jai laughs and asks her to relax and says Mohanto’s weakness is Arnav and Aditya/Samaira are taking care of Arnav so that Mohtanto agree for their marriage. If Madhu divorces Aditya, he will marry Samaira and get out of this house. That is what he wants. Aarya says he is right.

Neeraj meets Shikha and asks her how can she take a decision to marry Aditya. He asks she wants to punish Aditya like this. Shikha says until Samaira marries Aditya, she cannot be legally with Manav and if she marries, evn Mohanto cannot stop her to be with Manav. Neeraj says he will not let her marry Aditya as he … he stops. He says she will not understand his words and angrily goes from there.

Sunaina and Mohanto inform Jai that they are thinking about his marriage with Samaira. Jai says Aditya should marry Samaira instead as Arnav needs mother and not aunty/maami. Sunaina and Mohanto go from there without replying him.

Mohanto remembers Arnav referring Samaira as mamma, Sunaina telling that Arnav gets happy being with Samaira, and Jai trying to convince him to let Aditya marry Samaira instead of him. He calls Aditya and says he wants to talk to him. Aditya asks why is he looking so tensed. Mohanto says everyone in this house is tensed. Aditya asks him not to think much about Madhu. Mohanto says Madhu’s madness is not going away soon and he does not want Arnav to grow up without mother, so he has decided that he should marry marry. Aditya acts as getting shocked to hear thart and says he loves Madhu a lot and will not leave her till his last breath. Mohanto says he is a father as well and should think of Arnav and marry Samaira. He says as a father, he will be in most pain. He asks him to divorce Madhu before marrying Samaira. Aditya asks Mohanto to take Samaira and Avinash’s opinion first. Mohanto says yes.

Aditya comes to Samaira and happily lifts her. He says she is a genius and Mohanto himself asked him to give Madhu divorce. He says their hard work is paying off. Mohanto said he himself will go and take Madhu’s signatures on divorce papers. He hugs her saying he is so happy and waited for this eagerly. Samaira thinks he was waiting eagerly than him and congratulates him for getting trapped.

Precap: Mohanto promises Madhu that he will take her home and asks her to sign the papers. She asks what is there in these papers.

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