Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st January 2014 Written Update

Sameer starts chatting with Shikha while tea is prepared. He asks if she wants to see his house. She agrees. He shows her his room. She sees a mandolin and gets excited. She asks Sameer if he knows to play mandolin. He says it is his childhood hobby. Shikha says even she had many childhood hobbies, like guitar but used to break it’s strings. She breaks mandolin’s strings then and says sorry sadly. Sameer says it is ok, even he broke them many times. He says he has not seen anybody saying sorry so cutely. Shikha blushes. She develops a soft corner for him. They look at each other. She sees Shikha’s magazine then on a table. She is happy to see that. Sameer says he bought it to know about her. He read all her poems. He recites one of her poems. Shikha is overjoyed hearing this. Sameer says he is waiting for her next poem. Sameer then remembers about the tea.

Shikha and Sameer’s parents are talking to each other. Shikha’s mom asks if they got an alliance for Sameer. Sameer’s mom says Sameer liked only Shikha till now. Sameer comes with tea. His dad taunts him to bring tea so late. Shikha’s papa complements Sameer for preparing good tea. Sameer looks at Shikha. Shikha says it is very good. Sameer’s papa says maybe Shikha has made this tea then. Shikha says Sameer made it, not her. Shikha’s papa wants to leave now. Sameer asks them to have food and go. Shikha’s papa says thanks to Sameer. He says it is ok. Sameer requests Shikha’s papa to allow her to go out of house now and to let her go to office. He requests to give back Shikha’s freedom. Shikha’s papa says he thinks at this time it is not the right decision. He knows Shikha is talented, but he can’t take a risk regarding her safety. He thanks Sameer for thinking about Shikha.

Shikha and his parents leave then. Sameer’s mom gives Shikha a flower and asks her to keep it with her always and it will safeguard her from evil spirits. They leave to their home and Sameer drops them till their car. Sameer thanks Shikha for coming. They leave in their car. A black car is shown again.

Mahi gets a call from Nimesh. She tries to give an excuse. Nimesh asks why is she avoiding him. Mahi starts crying. He tries to console her and asks her to get normal soon. Shikha is helping her brother in maths. Her papa also comes and asks him to study well. Her papa asks Shikha about her next poem. She says without going to office how can she. He then says to go to office. She is very happy.

Shikha hugs her papa in happiness. He says he will drop and pickup her from office. Shikha agrees. She goes to get ready. Her mom asks her papa how did he change his decision. He says he got inspired from Sameer’s words yesterday. Shikha gets ready singing a song. She calls Gappu to inform about her coming to office. Gappu is also happy listening this. She asks Gappu to inform boss about this.

Shikha comes and eats breakfast fast to go to office. Sameer comes to their home. He says Shikha’s papa left a cover in his house and returns it. He greets Shikha. Shikha’s mom asks him to have tea. She informs Sameer about Shikha’s papa allowing her to go to office. Sameer gets happy listening to this. He says he will drop and pickup Shikha as his office is nearby Shikha’s office. Shikha’s papa says it is ok. Sameer insists saying Shikha’s papa’s office is in opposite direction and his is in the Sameer direction as Shikha’s.

Her papa agrees. Sameer says not to worry about Shikha. They leave. Shikha’s papa is a bit worried. Her mom says not to worry as Sameer is a good guy and he helped them a lot. Shikha and Sameer see each other lovingly while in the lift. Before getting into the car, Shikha remebers all the past incidents happened and thinks someone is still keeping an eye on her.

Precap: Shikha’s office lift is out of order. Shikha gets worried about going till 10th floor with her bag. Sameer asks her to give her laptop bag and to walk with him via stairs. Shikha’s colleagues also give their bags to Sameer.

Update Credit to: MA

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