Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunaina reads news paper in the morning and is shocked to see an advertisement about Aditya dismissing his surname Jagannath. She informs it to Mohanto who says it is a good news. Aditya comes and says he Mohanto that he worked hard for him and his company and now he is relieved by removing his surname. He says he is now Aditya Verma now and will not stay in his home and take his wife and son from here now. Mohanto says he cannot take Arnav. Aditya says he is Arnav’s father and nobody can stop him. Shikha thinks Mohanto will go into court as Arnav is Madhu’s son legally, so until she gets his custody, she should stop Aditya from moving.

Samaira sees Aditya packing his bags and asks him to think about Arnav as Mohanto will not let him take Arnav. Aditya says nobody can stop him. She says legally still Madhu is his mother and they have to wait until she gets custody. Aditya says court won’t consider mad woman for custody, so Madhu will not get it.

Neeraj gets annoyed seeing Madhu’s antidote injections missing and thinks she must have stolen it. He asks Madhu why did she steal them. She says she did not. Neeraj ties her and gives her injection forcefully.

Shikha informs Neeraj that Aditya is trying to get out of house, but Mohanto will not him take away Arnav, she does not know what to do.

Aarya comes to Aditya’s room and taunts him that the day has come which she was waiting since years. She asks him what is he carrying. He says clothes. She says these are bought from my dad’s money and he does not have any right on them. She calls servant and asks him to take clothes. Aditya angrily asks servant and Aarya to get out.

Sunaina tries to convince Mohanto to stop Aditya from going. He says he will not. Neeraj comes and says he needs his help in feeding medicine to Madhu. Mohanto agrees and walks towards Madhu’s room. He sees Samaira bathing Arnav. She senses Mohanto and Sunaina’s presence and says they both have to leave this house because of Aditya, we will be losing elder’s love from today. Sunaina gets in and says she heard what she told Arnav. Mohanto says he already told Aditya that Arnav will not go anywhere and even she can stay, let Aditya go. Samaira says Aditya is her husband and she has to go wherever he wants to go. Sunaina requests Mohanto to go and stop Aditya and says she commands him today to stop. She says when Aditya married Madhu, you thought he is greedy, but Aditya took care of spoilt brat Madhu and made her a cultured woman. After this, instead of thanking him, you are sending him out. Samaira says Sunaina is right and requests him to stop Aditya.

Precap: Madhu frees herself from constraints and takes antidote from vase. She says it is time to take revenge from Samaira.

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