Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st April 2014 Written Update

Samaira tells Mohanto’s family in this file it is written that I underwent a surgery, but which surgery it is not written. She says she underwent nose surgery, not face surgery. Aditya says he will not fall for her talks today. He calls Ajay who comes inside the house. Aditya introduces Ajay to Mohanto and asks him to tell that Samaira underwent full face surgery. Ajay says she underwent nose surgery. Aditya is shocked and angrily asks why did you tell Samaira is Shikha and slaps him. Ajay says he never told that. Samaira gets angry on Aditya and says he always calls me Shikha and asks what did he do to her that he is afraid of her. Aditya says he will call the doctor and the truth will be revealed. Aditya calls doctor and switches on the phone speaker. Doctor says he cannot reveal his patient’s confidential matter. Samaira speaks to doctor and asks him to tell as she does not have any problem. Doctor says Samaira underwent nose surgery. Mohanto scolds Aditya. Aditya tries to manhandle Ajay. Samaira says she is a celebrity and he wanted to grab money from her by revealing about the surgery. He even went to Aditya to grab money. Sunaina asks sorry for doubting her because of Ajay. Mohanto asks Jai to call police and handover Ajay. Police drag Ajay with them.

Samaira informs about the incident to Neeraj. Neeraj gets happy and says their plan was successful. Samaira says Aditya wanted to use Ajay to reveal her truth, but he fell in his own trap. Samaira then thanks Neeraj for helping her. Neeraj says he will not leave her alone till his death. Samaira gets happy.

Aditya thinks did Samaira really undergo nose surgery instead of face. Madhu comes and asks what is he thinking. He says he is confused and asks if he is wrong. Madhu says it does not matter to him. He asks if why did Samaira undergo surgery. Madhu says it is a fashion trend and asks her to torture so that Samaira herself leaves their company. Aditya says he has some important meeting outside and will attend it.

Neeraj remembers Samaira/Shikha’s words and gets happy and he thinks she is the reason for his life, he is living for only her.

Aditya reaches doctor’s office with his men and they start searching files. Doctor asks who is he and what are they doing. Aditya says he spoke to him some time back and he is Aditya Jagannath. He asks doctor the truth behind Samaira. He asks her file and says she would have told her name as Sheela Gupta. Aditya threatens that he will kill him if he does not get the file. Aditya’s goon finds the file. Aditya reads the file and same is written as in previous file. Aditya gets angry and goes from there. Doctor calls Shikha/Samaira and informs Aditya came there and he searched the file, but he hid her file somewhere. Samaira thanks him. He says he is with him to fight against the evils. Samaira thanks him.

Madhu asks Mohanto to sign some files. Aditya comes. Mohanto sees him and gets angry. He says Samaira that he told her to make AMD whoever she likes and it is her responsibility, but her AMD is more interested in spying his guests than doing work. Madhu asks Mohanto to forgive him and she will make sure it is not repeated.

Aditya comes to Samaira’s room and sees her packing her clothes. He asks her sorry and asks her not to go. She says she has self-respect which he broke today. After today’s incident, she won’t stay in his house. Aditya says he misunderstood her. Samaira says she thought him more than a friend. She says if someone would have alleged her, she would have understood, but she cannot tolerate him alleging her. She thought he is special, more than a friend, but today he proved she is wrong. She thought they both.. Aditya asks what. She says nothing. She says everything is over. Aditya says nothing has gone wrong, he will make everything alright. Samaira says out of her room, she has 2 women in his life, Madhu and Shikha. She asks if she reminds him of his past, how will he live with her and asks him to leave. Aditya asks her sorry again and leaves. Samaira sees him walking towards his room. Aditya remembers Samaira’s words that she thought he is special. He goes to his room. Madhu sees him coming from Samaira’s room and gets angry.

Precap: Aditya scolds Madhu for doubting him. She says he must be ashamed to take help from Samaira instead of servants. Aditya shouts at her and says she is crossing her limits.

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