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Main Naa Bhoolungi 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya asks Madhu to sign divorce papers as she does not have any option. Madhu laughs and says Samaira is Shikha and she will destroy him also. Aditya says what rubbish she is talking. Madhu says Samaira is Shikha and has come to take revenge and get back her Manav. Aditya says she has gone mad to think like that and asks her to sign divorce papers. Madhu says she will free him so easily. Ward boy comes and asks Aditya to come out as visiting hours have passed. Aditya says she will sign it anyhow and goes from there.

Samaira sees Aditya, happily hugs him and asks if Madhu signed divorce papers. Aditya says she did not sign yet. Samaira starts acting and asks till when they will live separately and asks him to make her sign by tomorrow.

Avinash comes home sadly with Neeraj. Sudha asks why did he come home suddenly. Avinash says Shikha has decided to marry Aditya to take her revenge. Sudha gets angry on Shikha and asks how can she marry a man who betrayed her. Neeraj angrily goes from there. Sudha says Shikha has gone mad. Mahi tries to console her and says it may be Shikha’s new plan. Avinash says even he thinks the same.

Sunaina asks Arnav to allow her change his bandage. Arnav says no. Samaira comes and tells her a story while she changes his bandage. Arnav says he wants to meet his mom. Samaira starts another story while Arnav goes to sleep.

Nurse brings food for Madhu. She hears phone ringing and finds phone in Madhu’s pocket. She says it is doctor’s phone. Madhu asks her to give back the phone. While she snatches the phone, it falls on the ground and breaks. Madhu thinks Aditya’s truth was in it and picks memory card. Nurse sees card in her hand and snatches it while Madhu pleads to give it back.

Shikha comes to her home and meets Sudha and Mahi. Sudha gets happy seeing her. Shikha sees Maha Rana Pratap book on table and asks about it. Sudha says Maha Rana Pratap was a brave warrier who fought against Akbar for the country. Shikha says she is also fighting for her rights.

Samaira asks Aditya if he is tensed because of her. Aditya says he is tensed that Madhu has not signed divorce papers, they cannot do anything without divorce. Servant comes and informs that Arnav is having high fever. Aditya asks if they called doctor. Servant says he does not have doctor’s number. Samaira asks Aditya to call doctor while she checks Arnav. Samaira goes and checks Arnav’s temperate and gets worried seeing it very high. Doctor comes and informs not to worry as fever is due to injury and will come down after medicines.

Mohanto comes to the mental hospital and meets Madhu. Madhu cries hugging him and asks him to take her out from here. Madhu says even he does not like her being her, but treatment is necessary. Madhu says she is not ill to get treatment and says Shikha is conspiring to keep her in mental hospital. Mohanto asks her to calm down. Madhu says Aditya himself agreed that he loves Samaira and wants divorce to marry Samaira. Mohanto silently goes from there. Madhu pleads Mohanto to takes her with him, but she is locked inside her cell.

Precap: Jai says Mohanto that we are lucky that Samaira is without and taking care of Arnav and says what will happen to Arnav when Samaira leaves our house.

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