Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th April 2014 Written Update

Samaira/Shikha brings her parents to their house. She sees Avinash injured and brings First-Aid box. She applies Dettol on his injury. Avinash asks why is she doing this. Sudha says why did she help her all these days. Why did she help publish the book without reading it. Madhurima scolded you a lot, but you did not scold us at all. You risked your life and saved us. Samaira asks why are you telling this. Sudha says a person does all this when he is related to another person. Samaira says she did it for the sake of humanity and says they got into trouble by Aditya because of her. Sudha says she is hiding something from them. Samaira asks what will she hide. Sudha says she is her daugther Shikha. Samaira says she is not Shikha, she is Samaira. Avinash says she

is lying, Sudha felt you are Shikha when she saw you first time. The feeling Sudha felt when she saw you, I am feeling the same as a father. He says he is sure she is Shikha. Sudha holds her hand and asks her to tell if she is Shikha. Samaira asks her to leave her hand and stop troubling her. Neeraj, Mahi, Vineet come there. Sudha says she is Shikha and asks her to see her siblings and tell if she is not Shikha, why is she hiding. Sudha says after her marriage, everything changed in their life. She begs Samaira to tell that she is Shikha. Samaira turns her face and says she is not Shikha. Avinash says her eyes say that she is Shikha. He asks Neeraj to tell the truth as he knows everything.

Samaira says she found Neeraj just before publishing the book, he does not know anything. She says she made a mistake by helping them, she would not have helped her and got into trouble. Avinash says if she is feeling trouble, he will ask her sorry. He says he will go and ask sorry to Aditya. Samaira says he will not got to Aditya as he is behind them. Avinash asks her not to stop them as she thinks Aditya will kill them. Samaira says to listen her and refers him as uncle. Avinash asks her if she is not ashamed to call her parents as uncle and aunty. He stumbles. Mahi asks Shikha to stop acting as she knows Avinash gets hypertension when he is tensed. Samaira brings medicine. Avinash says he will take medicine from Shikha, not from Samaira. Samaira asks Sudha to tell uncle. Sudha says she is not Shikha as she does not care about you and asks to have his medicine. Avinash says he will not have medicine and will die and meet Shikha. He gets unconscious. Samaira/Shikha calls him papa.

Samaira says Avinash that she is Shikha and asks him to have his medicine. Avinash has medicine. The whole family hugs each other emotionally. Avinash asks her why did she dramatize her dead. She says nobody listened Shikha, so she became Samaira to take her revenge and get back her Manav, so he had to kill their daughter Shikha. It was very difficult to stay without them. She did not want to involve them in her fight with Aditya. She asks them sorry for getting troubled because of her.

Aditya and MAdhu reaches Samaira’s house. Aditya shouts Shikha. Shikha hears him and asks his family to hide. He comes down and asks him why is he shouting Shikha. He asks where did she hide her parents. She asks she got a habit of hearing Shikha from him, now why is he dragging his parents from Switzerland here. She says her father is Switzerland’s famous businessman. He says he will meet him then and goes inside to search him. Samaira says he cannot enter her house like that. He says she used to roam around his whole house. She tires to stop him, but he does not listen and searches. He goes to the room where Avinash’s family is hidden and tries to open the door. Shikha says door is jammed. He says she is the one who freed Avinash and Sudha. She says she is not Shikha. He asks she had recording in their studio, then why did not she go. She says is not well, so she is in night gown and informed studio to cancel her recording. She then says she is Shikha if he thinks she is and asks him to leave her. He asks her to stop acting with her.

Precap: Madhu asks did he find Shikha’s parents. He says he did not, but he got Shikha’s blood for DNA test.

Update Credit to: MA

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