Main Naa Bhoolungi 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira comes to Aditya’s room, greets him good morning by hugging him from behind and says he looks very fresh today. Aditya says he is indeed feeling fresh after a good night sleep as Madhu has gone, else he would not get sleep even after taking a sleeping pill. He says she is lucky for him. Samaira asks him not to be too happy and says he is just a mistress for him. He asks him to divorce Madhu. Aditya says what will Mohanto’s family think if he asks divorce so early. Samaira says she does not care. Aditya says he cares but and they have to execute their plan patiently. Samaira gets angry and asks him to do whatever he likes, she will leave from there. Aditya asks her to relax and says she will do something today. He asks her to smile and hug him.

Mohanto is worried about Madhu and says Sunaina that Madhu is in mental hospital now and who will take care of Arnav. Sunaina asks him to relax. Mohanto says who will handle his business without Madhu.

Aditya is happily having breakfast. He sees Sunaina and Mohanto coming down and stops eating. Sunaina sees him tensed and asks him why does not he eat. Aditya says how can he eat when his wife is in mental assylum and nobody is there to take care of Arnav. Mohanto says he is worried about Madhu. Samaira comes there and says we should meet Madhu, she will feel good. Mohanto and Aditya agree. Sunaina asks them to meet Madhu, she will take care of Arnav at home.

Aditya scolds Samaira for thinking of meeting Madhu as Madhu would start screaming on her again. Samaira asks him to be patient and watch her executing her plan. She sees Mohanto coming and changes her words.

Doctor informs Mohanto, Samaira and Aditya that he cannot allow them meet Madhu as she is under observation. Samaira requests him to let them meet as they are very much worried about Madhu. Doctor agrees and goes to bring Madhu. Madhu on the other side request lady warden to let her out. Warden does not agree and says she will be sacked if she allows her out. Madhu steals hairpin from he and once she goes, Madhu escapes opening the door with hair pin. Mohanto and family hear staff running around and ask what is happening. Staff informs that Madhu escaped. Mohanto stumbles hearing that. Aditya and Samaira hold him and ask him to relax. Madhu changes her dress as hospital staff and on her way to sees Aditya and hides herself.

Samaira and Aditya search Madhu along with hospital staff. Madhu hides her face and starts sweeping the floor. Samaira asks her if she saw a mad woman running. Madhu does not reply. Aditya takes her from there. Samaira realizing the lady is Madhu and runs behind Madhu after informing Madhu. Hospital staff catches Madu. Madhu pleads to leave her as she is not mad and Samaira is behind everything. She slaps Samaira and asks Mohanto to believe her. Hospital staff drags her back to her room. Adtiya asks Samaira if she is okay. Samaira says she is fine and says she will stay back her to see if Madhu is taken care properly. Aditya and Mohanto leave after agreeing her. Samaira calls Neeraj and says she needs money.

Jai informs Mohanto that he needs money to pay his clients as he cannot take out from their company accounts without getting a signing authority. Mohanto agrees and says he will authorize him. Jai and Aditya smirk hearing that.

Samaira gives money to doctor and asks him to help her. Doctor says after hearing her story, his mind does not allow him to accept money, but he will help her.

Madhu is giving electric shock while Samaira stands behind her.

Precap: Aditya and Samaira promote maharana pratap maha episode. Madhu steals doctor’s phone and calls someone.

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