Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira says Aditya that she does not want to keep any relationship with him. She says he killed innocent Shikha and cannot spend her life with a murderer.

Avinash asks Shikha how did she handle the situation with Aditya. She says she used Aditya’s plan on himself and Aditya believed her. Avinash asks what about Neeraj. She says she told Aditya that she wanted to know about Shikha, so took Neeraj’s help.

Aditya comes home. Madhu asks her where was he after the office. Aditya starts shouting at her and asks not to bother him. Madhu asks if he met Samaira and everything is because of her. Aditya says he cares Samaira more than anyone in life now. He then asks if she wanted to hear this form her and says if a wife does not believe her husband, then her husband will go mad. Madhu asks him sorry and goes from there. Aditya thinks she was right, everything is happening because of Samaira, if he does not get Samaira, he will go mad. He calls Samaira, but she does not pick the call. He goes to her room. She asks what is he doing here. He says he cannot get away from like this. Samaira says she cannot believe him now as he destroyed Shikha’s life and he will do the same. He holds her hand. Samaira asks him to leave her hand. Avinash comes just then. Samaira says Aditya came to call me for dinner.

Samaira and Avinash start lunch with Mohanto’s family. Madhu sees Aditya sitting still and asks him to eat. Aditya says he is not hungry and goes from there.

Aditya sees Samaira getting into her car. He drags her into his car and takes him to a secluded place. He says he cannot leave her like that. Samaria asks her to keep his threatening to himself. Aditya takes his gun out and says she should listen to him, else he will kill her. Samaira says he just knows to kill people, he first killed Shikha Gupta and now wants to kill her. Aditya says he loves her more than himself and if she does not listen to him, he will kill himself. Samaira asks him to stop acting and to tell what he wants to say. Aditya says he wants to tell the secret and says Madhu is te main culprit behind Shikha’s murder, she planned everytihing. Samaira says she cannot believe him. Aditya says he knows nobody would believe him. Samaira says why will Madhurima destroy anyone’s life.

Aditya starts his story and says he loved Madhu a lot and she was a spoilt woman with drinking, partying, etc. Mohanto got angry on Madhu because of this and scolded Madhu, he kicked her out. Aditya says they both had to leave the house, but Madhu was adamant to get back to her house, so she planned something perfect and tried to give Mohanto’s family their legal heir. He goes into flashback then where Madhu gets a report that she cannot become mother again. Aditya says they can adopt the kid or else they can get a surrogate mother. Madhu says if Mohanto gets to know about it, he will not give his property to us. Madhu says if we adopt kid or get surrogate mother, we will have to go legally. Madhu then told him a plan of using an innocent girl for a kid. Aditya does not agree for that, but Madhu says they have to do it for Jagannath group’s 20000 crore worth assets. Aditya asks her where will they get a girl like that. Madhu shows him Samaira’s profile on matrimonial site.

Precap: Aditya informs Samaira that Madhu asked Shikha to kill.

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