Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya reminds Shikha that he tried to kill her on the same place.He says, your game will end here. Madhu asks her to do it fast as they don’t have time. Madhu tells her to dig grave for her if she wants to see Manav alive. Shikha agrees to do whatever she says. Aditya asks her to dig the grave for Manav. Shikha starts digging the sand and cries. Madhu tells her that even God can’t save her now. She asks her to say good bye to Manav. Aditya says good bye Shikha gupta. Manav calls her mumma. Madhu gets angry. Shikha asks her not to do anything to Manav. Madhu asks her to lie down in the grave. Aditya goes near the grave and tells her that she knew what he will tell her. He tells her good bye Shikha Gupta. Manav calls her mumma. Shikha cries. Shikha lies in the grave. Aditya throws sand on her until the grave is fully closed.

Mohanto and Avinash come to the Police station and enquire about Madhu. Inspector says don’t know. Constable tells the Inspector that Aditya’s phone is traced. Madhu asks Aditya to sit in the car as she drives the car. Shikha hears Manav calling her Mamma and Aditya’s betrayal. She struggles to get out of the grave and takes out her hand.

Madhu brings Aditya to Panchgani and says this is the place where you have tried to kill Shikha and snatched Manav from her. Aditya says, we will have a new beginning from here. Madhu thinks to take revenge and thinks good bye Aditya Jagannath. She is about to push Aditya from the cliff, just then Shikha comes there calling his name. Aditya and Madhu get shocked. Shikha tells them that she is standing alive infront of them. Aditya asks, you are saved this time too.

Shikha tells her that she defeated death being a mother. She says, she won’t get kill by them. She says, only truth will win always. Manav sees her from the car. Shikha tells them that she will finish their story. She tells Aditya that he can kill his wife, but not a mother. Aditya says, why you came back to get killed by us. It seems you wants to get kill with our hands. Madhu says, this will be last time. I am with you Aditya.

Aditya and Madhu take Shikha near the cliff to push her. Manav calls her mamma. Police comes there with Mohanto and Avinash and ask them to stop. Aditya holds Arnav and asks police to move out, else he will drop Arnav from cliff. He gives Arnav to Madhu and asks her to sit in the car. Neeraj snatchds Arnav from Madhu and gives it police. Police arrests Madhu and takes her while she pleads Mohanto to save her. Neeraj beats Aditya and kicks him from the cliff. He falls down, but Shikha holds his hand. Aditya requests her to forgive and save her. Shikha reminisces she pleading Aditya to rescue her and he pushing her from cliff. She says she will not forgive him so that another innocent woman should be killed and an innocent family lose their son. She drags her hand back and Aditya falls from the cliff. She picks back Arnav. Mohanto apologizes Avinash and Shikha for his mistake. Shikha sees Neeraj going and asks where is he going. He says his work is over now and he has to leave. Mahi says he has to marry Shikha and be with her forever. Shikha and Neeraj hold Arnav’s hand and happily leave from there.

Serial ends with a happy note, uniting Shikha, Arnav and Neeraj.

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  1. Truly amazing!!!Some people may find this episode a little illogical but overall this show was truly an amazing and beautiful!!A wonderful role played by Aishwarya and of course,the rest of the cast too!!

  2. Yo…grt work by main na boolungi ……luv u all…wil miss u….guys..shikha…..neeraj….n ya too…gud bye…nic wrk

  3. Really the stry was small bt swt it was not as lng nd stupd as other hndi srials gd wrk dne by the dirctor nd actrs amzing endng

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