Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Overinterference Makes Rama Humiliated By Her Friends

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya calls Jaya and says she reached home. Jaya feels low. Satya asks what happened. Jaya says Samar liked her bangles, but she removed it. Satya says Samar will understand her condition, she need not worry. Samar enters and says food was nice. Jaya shed tears that he liked her bangles, but she removed them. He says she got itching in her hands, so she removed it, there is no big deal in it, why did she cry so much. She smiles. He gets First-Aid to apply ointmnet on her hands. She says she will apply herself. He insists. They both then get romantic. Tere Naam Ki Koi Sadak in the background. They are about to kiss when Satya calls her. She part ways. Samar gets disappointed. Satya asks if she applied medicine. Jaya says Samar applied ointment. Satya asks

to consult doctor if she itching does not go. Jaya says okay and disconnects call. Samar jokes she should keep walkie talkie as she will save a lot of money on calls. Jaya says that is a good idea. Samar asks her to rest now and sleeps on his side.

Next morning, Samar wakes up and finds Jaya sipping tea. Jaya says she is habituated to morning tea and found tea pot in gift box. Samar says he is habituated to have morning tea with family. She says she is going for a bath. He gets romantic. She runs to bathroom. He laughs. Family enjoys morning tea. Samar and Jaya joins family. Rama serves tea. Samar says Jaya loves morning tea and asks Rama to fill full cup. Jaya looks at him angrily. Jaya starts breakfast. Family informs ladies are coming for her muh dikhayi and asks her to prepare lunch. She gets tensed. Family says they are joking and asks her to be ready on time. Rama gives her sari and asks to wear it during muh dikhayi. Chachi orders her bahu to get 5 gift boxes for ladies. Lallan says he got 4 boxes. Bahu asks to get 1 more. Jaya reminisces Satya suggesting her to give gifts she got to others instead of buying new ones. She says she will arrange a gift. Bahu thanks her.

Jaya calls Naani and asks her to teach her to tie sari. Nani teaches over video call. Satya passes by and asks what is happening. Naani nervously says ladies are coming for muh dikhayi ritual, so Jaya is learning to wear sari. Satya insists Satya to wear shalwar kameez if she is not comfortable in sari. Jaya as usual blindly agrees. Naani confronts Satya that she is forcing maiyka’s rules in sasural and not letting Jaya live on her own. Satya as usual shuts Naani’s mouth.

Ladies wait for Jaya and taunt Rama if bahu will come from maika. Chachi says she is coming. Jaya comes down wearing dupatta. Ladies taunt if bahu did not wear sari as per ritual, if she is against saas. Rama says she told bahu to wear whatever she likes. She hands over gifts to ladies. One lady says she gifted this box in Samar’s wedding. Chachi insists it is different box. Lady opens box and shows gift she packed. Rama feels embarrassed. Ladies leave. Chachi scolds her bahu. Bahu says Jaya gave that gift box.

Precap: No precap.

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