Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Amarnath Punishes Satya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya thinks she cannot steal from her daughter’s house and tries to keep back jewelry when Prabha walks in and asks if she is stealing, runs to living room and informs family that Satya is stealing jewelry. Amarnath enjoys drama hiding outside. Prabha continues shouting. Jaya says she must be mistaken, why would mamma steal. Prabha says she is not mistaken and asks Satya how can she steal from her own daughter’s house. Rama stops her and says Satya must be having some problem, so she tried to steal and says Satya will keep locker keys and can use whatever she wants. Satya returns keys and says she will not show her face to them again and walks away. Vicky asks Samar what is happening. Samar says as far as he knows sasuma, she will not do this, something is wrong.


follows Satya home. Naani asks Satya where she had been. Amarnath says Satya could not steal jewelry from her daughter’s house, he just wanted to see Satya being insulted by her daughter’s family. Satya says she prayed for his long life, now she wants him to die soon. He angrily twists Satya and Naani’s hands and they shout in pain. Samar walks in and confronts Amarnath. Amarnath orders his goons to trash Samar. Samar trashes goons. Amarnath holds Satya at gunpoint and warns Samar to stop. Goons hit Samar’s head and he collapses. Amarnath ties all 3 of them and says he will leave the country tonight.

Jaya and Vicky walk outside Satya’s house worried for Satya and Samar and see door locked. Jaay says mamma keeps windows opened for ventilation, they are closed, something is wrong. Vicky says let us go and ask neighbors. Samar thinks Vicky and Jaya would come searching them and throws his ring out via window and hopes they notice it. Jaya notices Samar’s ring and shows it to Vicky. Vicky sees window open and says t hat means Samar, Satya and Naani are inside home. He fixes camera to a toy helicopter and flies it. Jaya sees them being tied and goons around. Goon sees helicopter and walks towards window. Vicky notices it and tries to bring down helicopter, but remote does not work. He nervously tries and helicopter falls down. Goon comes out and walks towards helicopter. A kid picks it and runs away. Goon returns back.

Vicky acts as inebriated and calls Satya out in Sholay film’s Veeru’s style. Amarnath comes out and asks what is he doing. Vicky verbally abuses him while Jaya gets into home.

Precap; Jaya says she is proud of Satya who kept her children away from Amarnath. Amarnath snatches inspector’s gun and shoots at Satya. Samar bears bullet.

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