Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Oath Not To Interfere In Daugters’ Lives

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya takes Shikha to her room and shows her, Jaya, and Richa’s childhood dolls and shows with howmuch difficulty she got gifts for them. Shikha emotionally asks if she kept these till now, she loves them so much. Satya throws dolls shouting she used to love them, but not anymore, throwing things asks how can she hide the fact that she kept karvachauth fast for her divorced husband without her knowledge, all her daughters have grown up so big that they are taking their own decisions. Naani sends Shikha away and consoles Satya. She promises she will not interfere in her daughters’ lives from here on.

Samar eagerly waits for Jaya sleeping on his side of bed. Jaya enters and says she will not go to her maika for silly reasons. Samar says she can go, but without

bags and with smiling face. He gets romantic, and she shies. They get intimate next..

In the morning, Satya sees Rama’s call and picks nervously. Rama says she did not like naani apologizing her, they don’t have problem with bahus don’t fast, Satya can call her daughter anytime, they don’t have any objection, etc. Satya promises again she will not interfere in her daughter’s life from hereon. Rama says she should but in a good way.

After sometime, Bua sees Jyoti taking tea and asks whom she is taking to, whole family has morning tea together. Jyoti says it is for Jaya as she is not feeling well. Bua says she will take tea for Jaya, walks into Jaya’sroom asking how is she now. Jaya says fine. Bua says if she had consumed her herbal concoction, she would have been energetic instantly and did not have to got hospital, her mother created a big drama by bring ambulance, etc. Jaya says she does not know anything as she was unconscious. Bua says it is okay, she can rest now and walks towards door. She sees jewelry and asks why she is keeping it and did not return to Rama. Jaya says her mamma asked to keep her jewelry herself, so Rama got her safety locker. Bua angrily walks down calling Rama. Whole family gathers. Bua asks why age old rituals are broken here, why bahu and her mother interfering so much. Rama says she cannot take up so many responsibilities, so she gifted lockers to everyone. Chachi says they are all enjoying their own responsibilities, Jyoti backs her. Bua shouts if they forgot rituals. Dadaji interferes and says it is his house and he will handle it, things have changed over time, she can relax. Bua feels bad and asks if she cannot even speak here, she will express her ordeal to Banke Bihari/god and leaves while family tries to stop her. Lallan does his jokergiri seeing bua.

Samar returns to his room and sees Jaya crying. He requests not to pay attention to Bua’s words and not leave home with her pink bag. Jaya says she will not, even mamma would have scolded Samar in hospital. Samar asks how does she know, he did not feel bad though. Jaya says even she did not. Samar asks not to look at pink bag then.

Satya picks mobile to call Jaya, but stops reminiscing her promise. She prepares food and picks sugar instead of salt. Naani stops her and asks her to calm down.

Precap: Satya’s car splashes dirt on Bua. Bua scolds driver. Satya warns her to stop, else she will face dire consequences. Bua determines to teach her a lesson.

Update Credit to: MA

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