Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya Convinces Samar To Accept Shalini

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shalini meets Jaya and says everyone is worried about Samar, but not about her son Jerry. Jaya says it is important to get Samar out of jail to search Jerry. Shalini asks on what rights, she wants her son and her rights from Samar’s family, if they agree, she will take back case. Jaya holds Shalini’s hand and walking into home tells Rama that Shalini has right as bahu more than her and Jerry is Rama’s son. Gowri Shankar and Prabha ask why should they accept Jerry as their grandson. Jaya says it is proved via DNA test. Rama asks what bout her, can she live without Samar. Jaya says truth is Shalini is Samar’s wife and Jerry his son, they have to give this right to free Samar from jail; if Samar is freed, he can search Jerry. She insists to give Shalini right to her as everyone’s betterment is in this decision. Rama says they will give right, but will Samar accept Shalini as his wife. Jaya says Samar has to give right to Shalini as his wife.

At police station, constable informs Samar that his wife has come to meet him. Samar gets happy thinking Jaya came, but Shalini walks in. Samar asks why did she come here. Jaya walks in and says she brought Shalini to give his wife’s right. Samar asks how can Shalini be his wife. Jaya says DNA reports proved Jerry is his son and he has to give right to Shalini at any cost, he can be out of jail then and can search Jerry; she will support him only then, till then they are stranger. She removes her mangalsutra and returns to him. Samar agrees at last. Shalini takes back her complaint. At home, Rama waits for Samar. Jaya returns followed by Samar and Shalini. Gowri shankar thanks Shalini for taking back her complaint. Jaya keeps her mangalsutra in front of god’s idol. Rama asks what is she doing. Jaya says god united her and Samar and she is returning back her relationship to god. Samar pleads Jaya to listen to him once. Jaya says there is nothing left to speak and leaves home.

Shalini gets a call that Jerry is found. She happily walks out of house and sees a man bringing Jerry and informing that he found Jerry trying to board bus and telling he is running from home. Shalini emotionally hugs Jerry asking him to promise not to leave her again. She then apologizes Samar for wrongly alleges him and then says Jerry left because of him. Jaya returns to Satya house and informs how she convinced Shalini to take back case and rest of the incident. Vicky asks how can she leave house and trust a stranger instead of her husband. Satya says Jaya did right. Vicky says his heart says Shalini is lying and DNA report is false. Satya says she believes in proof and not heart. Vicky asks if some girl tells she is my wife, will she believe. Satya says yes if the girl has proof.

Precap: Samar asks Shalini how did Jerry return home immediately after Jaya left and warns that he will never accept her in his heart, she is hiding something. Shalini says let her tell him truth finally.

Update Credit to: MA

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