Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar’s Family Shocked To Hear Satya’s Decision Of Not Changing Jaya’s Name Post-Marriage

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar informs family that Jaya does not want to change her surname after marriage and wants to be Jaya Sharma Surana. Family is shocked and Chachi asks what kind of condition is this, all women in our family have taken Surana surname. Rama says what is there in a name, it is common now a days for girls to continue their parent’s surname. Samar says it not okay in their family. Chachi says Satya would throw many conditions which they may not agree. Rama reminisces Satya’s 7 conditions and explains her with mixing water and juice and saying water did not lose its quality of quenching thirst, similarly Jaya will mingle with our family, but will not lose her good qualities. She then explains Samar that his father does all his work with his mother’s name in front, so

there is nothing wrong if Jaya continues her parent’s surname.

Satya takes Jaya to her room and gives her a suitcase. Jaya asks what is in it. Jaya says it has all her essential items and if by chance she faces any problems in her in-law’s house, she can use them. Jaya says she may not need them. Satya insists. After sometime, Jaya’s mehandi ritual starts. Naani blesses her that she should get so much love by her in-laws that she should forget her mother. Satya hears that and makes sad face. Jaya says she will never forget her mother. Satya says she will always be with her and protect her even in her in-law’s place.

Guests start entering Surana house for Jaya and Samar’s wedding. Jaya enters with her family. Dadaji says here cmes the most important person. Samar looks at Jaya nervously. Rama taunts him. Samar shies nervously. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Rama calls Satya aside and speaks to her. Wedding rituals start. Samar peeps at Jaya repeatedly and says she is looking beautiful. She leaves and looks at him repeatedly.

Pandit asks calls groom to enter mantap. Samar sits in mantap wearing groom’s attire. Pandit asks to bring bride next. Family searches Jaya and says she is not in her room. Samar says he knows where is and walks into cooking are and finds her guiding cooks there and scolding that guests will not look decoration and will look at only food. Samar calls her Jaya Sharma and fixes her nose ring and says if guests are not mesmerized with bride’s beauty and instead behind food, they are fools. He holds her hand and takes her to mantap.

Precap: Jaya and Samar’s wedding completes. They look at each other emotionally.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What’s the big deal in not changing the surname. In our place if a girl is doing a Job, be it govt, private, or self employed, Nobody changes their surname as it would result in changing the surnames in the important documents that the girl has.
    And in anyway, I don’t understand why do girls have to change their surname. It seems like a transfer of ownership from father to husband. As far as I know girls are not a thing that u will change their names according to their change in ownership.
    As it is rightly said in naamkaran serial’s promo –
    “Pehle Pita ka naam , baad mein Pati ka naam, to phir unke khud ke naam ka kya hoga “.

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