Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Naani Confronts Satya and Changes Her Opinion

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naani confronts Satya for brainwashing Jaya repeatedly and interfering in her life. She says whatever is wrong is wrong, she does not care if Satya scolds her. Satya shouts how can they insult Jaya for just burning kheer. Daadi says it was pooja kheer, how bad Jaya would be feeling as her whole family’s expectations were on her. Satya asks if she did not know what had happened to her. Naani confronts whatever happened in her case, even she would have smiled sometime in her married life, why she is spoiling Jaya’s life in her grudge. Satya calls Shikha and Richa asking to help her in preparing kheer and asks Naani to cut almonds for kheer. Naani says she looks so cute when she obeys and smilingly hugs Satya. At Surana family finishes pooja, Bua asks Jaya to bring kheer.

Jaya nervously says kheer…Rama looks at door for Lallan. Satya with Naani enters and says here she brought kheer. Rama introduces them as Rama’s mother and grandmother. Bua says Jaya has prepared kheer. Satya says Jaya got busy over phone and burnt kheer, it is her mistake also, so she brought pooja kheera as it is very important. Naani reminisces Satya repeating her dialogues. Bua accepts kheer and warns Jaya not to do any mistake again. She then goes to bring something. Lallan enters with sweets and asks not to inform bua. Satya leaves. Lallan asks how did kheer come. Samar jokes maa gave it. Lallan asks devi maa? Samar says yes. Rama scolds him.

After pooja, Bua informs Jaya about karva chauth and its rules and asks her also to keep fast. Jaya agrees,.
Lallan jokes as usual.

Sarika excitedly thinks that her maika people would be celebrating karva chauty lavishly, she should call and check. She calls Rama, but her MIL interferes and asks whom she is talking to. Sarika says maa and explains whole story and shows jewelry and gifts Samar and Jaya gave. A few more gifts come. MIL greedily snatches jewelry and says she keeps all jewelry in this home. Sarika agrees.

Bua notices Jaya getting repeated calls from her mother and asks family if Satya does not have any work. Chachi says is very busy and a big divorce lawyer, she never loses any case. Bua asks Samar why did he select such MIL. Samar jokes she selected wife and not MIL. Family laughs. Bua says it is not serious issues, she does not like Satya’s interference in her daughter’s life.

Jaya calls Satya and excitedly informs about karva chauth. Satya orders she will not keet karva chauth fast. Naani hears that and thinks she is interfering again.

Precap: Jaya informs Samar that she wants to fast, but maa ordered n ot to.
Samar says then she should not. Jaya says she really wants to. Samar says she should then. She says she is confused.

Update Credit to: MA

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