Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rama Becomes Maid

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar angrily walks out of house telling Rama that as a return birthday gift, she will celebrate his birthday without him. Family returns and stands shocked. Samar returns to Jaya’s house. Jaya says she needs to talk. He says he does not want to and walks to his room thinking she does not even remember it is his birthday today. She walks behind him and says he must be tensed regarding prenuptual contract, even she was, but then mamma explained. Samar blasts that she always listened to her mamma and obeyed her orders to leave his home repeatedly, he walked behind her as he loves her. He continues venting out his anger. Jaya shouts enough, even she is upset on mamma’s act, but mamma is worried as she had to face financial hurdle after leaving her husband. Samar says if he had known about contract, he would not have married her. Jaya says even she should not have. Samar says now they will sleep in opposite directions and sleeps on couch. Raama repeatedly calls him, but he switches off phone fuming that Jaya does not remember his birthday at all.

Jaya walks down to prepare tea. Naani asks if cook is coming or not. Samar’s father calls Jaya and asks her to give phone to Samar as his phone is switched off and family is fighting regarding prenuptual contract. Jaya hears Chacha and Chachaji fighting with Rama and asking how can she ignore their son’s future and thought of only Samar. Jaya rushes to Samar and informs him that papa has called and family is fighting regarding contract. Samar takes phone, asks papa to switch on speaker and tells family to stop fighting as he knows they will not bother if even 100% property is transferred into Jaya’s name, they just want to wish him happy birthday and celebrate his birthday. Jaya is surprised hearing that and apologizes Samar for forgetting his birthday. He says he knew it, it is okay. Chacha and Chachi get disappointed that their plan failed. Rama sadly says she cannot feed halwa to her son on his birthday. Her husband says he heard Satya’s family needs cook, so she can go there as cook. Dadaji says a mother can go to any extent to see her son happy.

At Satya’s house, Jaya informs Naani that today is Samar’s birthday. Satya overhears her and walking to Samar wishes him happy birthday and taunts nobody wished him except her, even Jaya is busy serving her, so she forgot. Samar turns and says his mother taught not to look at negative energy. Naani suggests Jaya to take Samar out for dinner tonight and celebrate his birthday. Jaya says what about mamma. Naani says Satya can manage 1 day without her. Rama enters disguised as maid drawing pallu on her face and says their neighbor told they need cook. Naani says how will she cook with pallu, she may mess up ingredients, so they don’t need her. Rama requests, and Naani agrees. Satya stops her and asks Jaya if she did not fix salary. Rama says she can give whatever she wants. She prepares halwa and takes it to Samar’s room. Samar asks her to go away as his mother lied her and he will not have anything. Rama sadly serves halwa and other dishes to Satya’s family. Everyone praise halwa. Satya taste it and reminiscing past incident realizes she is Rama disguised as maid. Jaya requests Satya to let her take Samar out for dinner tonight. Satya boasts about her kind heartedness and agrees.

Precap: Satya calls Samar and says she has thrown his birthday and making new maid overwork. Samar angrily says maid is his mother. Satya says she knows, Rama wanted to become maid, so she maid her maid. Rama is seen mopping floor.

Update Credit to: MA

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