Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Burns Kheer; Satya Fumes Hearing Chachi Scolding Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadaji’s sister Kundan Buaji comes to meet Surana family. Samar happily runs and hugs her and touching her feet says he is angry on her as she did not attend his wedding. She says her husband got a special education award, so she had to accompany him. He asks if his wedding was not important. She says she will give engagement, haldi, mehandi, wedding all blessings at once, but to her bahu. Chachi asks Meera to go and take blessings, but before she could tell her to wear ghungat, she excitedly walks and touches Bua’s feet. Bua asks Rama if she did not teach bahu to weaar ghunghat and why she is wearing suit and not sari as per family rules. Dadaji says what difference does it make. She says a lot, even she used to wear frock before wedding, but after wedding, only saris

as per rituals. Samar says Jaya does not know to wear Sari. Rama reminisces earlier incident and says she does. Dadaji asks bua to rest first and takes her to living room. Jaya pinches Samar for exposing her truth. Samar says he just told truth. Bua sits on sofa. Chachi asks if she should serve her breakfast or lunch. Bua says she will have sweets from Bahu’s hand and asks Jaya to prepare kheer. Dadaji asks her to rest in her room till then. Rama asks Lallan to lift Bua’s bags till her room. Bua taunts Lallan. Lallan says he can lift even her. Everyone laugh. Rama reminisces Jaya not knowing to cook. Jyoti says they will prepare kheer and serve it as Jaya’s. Bua asks Jaya to reach her wedding kheer while she prepares it. Jaya gets tensed.

Jaya tries wearing sari unsuccessfully. Samar enters and watches her carefully. She thinks of calling Satya. He says he will help her as he used to tie saris during his college’s dramas. He starts tying sari looking into her eyes. They both get engrasped into each others eyes. Jo meri manzilon ko…song plays in the background. He ties sari over both of them. Rama walks in and notices them. She asks if the are wearing sari together. They get alert hearing her voice. Rama asks Samar to go, she will make Jaya weaar sari. He walks out.

Jaya walks down wearing sari. Bua asks her to start preparing kheer now and teach her. Satya calls her, but Bua asks her to keep phone aside and get into kitchen. Jaya walks into kitchen nervously while Bua sits on dining chair and notices. Chachi signals her what to add. Jaya starts with milk. Samar enters and starts his drama interfering. Rama enters and sends him away. Jaya prepares kheer on Chachi’s instructions. Bua checks kheer and says everyone is right, Jaya prepares tasty kheer, asks her to let it cool while she makes pooja arrangements. Jaya gets Satya’s call and gets busy chatting. Kheer burns away. Chachi enters and scolds Jaya thaat she spoilt her and Rama’s hardwor, she could have chatted later, what will she say Bua now. Satyaa fumes hearing that. Rama and Samar enter kitchen. Chachi says kheer is burnt. Rama asks Samar to take Jaya out and asks Lallan to bring sweets from market. Naani asks Satya what happened. Satya (like a true marriage breaker) yells how dare they are to scold her daughter for spoiling a mere kheer, she will not spare them.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. DannyComments

    I don’t get it..You are allowed to be close to your mother..but when she lets you get away with a lot of mistakes..that’s bad parenting. Marriages especially in a joint family is a lot of responsibilities. Jaya has the best inlaws, people who look out for her, Mother in law who doesn’t scold her, then why isn’t she trying her best to be better? And Satya! Don’t even know what to say about her’s funny tho..on one hand is a daughter suffering in her husband’s home slowly because she was taught to loose her identity after marriage while on the other hand is another daughter actually destroying her married life with her own hands! Can’t win with this writers!

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