Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya argues with family over Vicky’s arrest by excise dept

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vicky seeing Samar and Jaya holding the food parcel and stops Satya from looking at them. Samar and Vicky hide the packets. Satya asks them to make the family eat the healthy food which she had made in lunch. Samar and Jaya say ok. Satya goes. They call everyone and sit to have food. Dada ji likes the kachori. Satya comes there. Bua says they taste got spoiled in the morning. Vicky says she made healthy food for us. They tease him about Satya being strict. Vicky sees Satya and gets shocked. Everyone get up from their seats. Rama asks Satya to hear her. Satya says I thought you are my family, but you all acted infront of me. She says she wants everyone’s betterment. Rama says I understand. Satya says if you had understand that you wouldn’t eaten with them. She gets

a call that hearing is cancelled. Rama says I tried to make you understand that we can’t change our habits in a day. Satya asks her not to make her understand again and asks them to have food. Rama gets upset and goes. Samar and Jaya get tensed.

Vicky tells Satya that Rama bhabhi must have felt bad about your words. Satya says I didn’t mean that. Bua asks Rama to ask Vicky and Satya to shift from there. Satya comes to Rama and says Vicky tried to make her understand that she was arrogant. Rama says I would be happy if you have realized self. Satya shows that oil damages body parts and says I read the posts and comes to know about it. Rama says even I have phone and shows research in which it is written that everyone can’t have same diet plan and food habits don’t change in a day. Samar and Jaya come there. They start arguing. Samar and Jaya resolve their fight. They tell that they will have paratha with less oil. Samar gets worried and shares his concern with Jaya. Jaya asks him to give sometime to Mamma. Excise department team comes to Vicky and tells that he didn’t pay the tax. He says Vicky has to come with us. Satya checks the papers and says you are tax defaulter and asks the officers to proceed. They take Vicky. Samar goes behind him. Satya calls someone and asks for help. Gauri Shankar says I will find out. Samar tells the officer that they have paid the tax in the past. He says papa signed the notice. Vicky says he might have forgotten. Samar asks officer to leave Vicky. Officers leave. Some other officer comes there who knows Samar and leaves Vicky.

Vicky comes home and tells Gauri that he went because of him and returned back because of his son. Gauri apologizes to him. Satya gets upset seeing the family happy. They tell poetry. Vicky asks Gauri to wake up all night and do the company’s calculations. Satya asks them to wait and says everyone was tensed few time back and now everyone is doing poetry. She says nobody was concerned as Vicky was in excise dept custody and folded his hands before them. Vicky says small things happen in big house. She says she has seen end of many businessman. He says it is a matter of few lakhs loss. Satya asks whose responsibility was it? Gauri says it was my mistake and tells that he forgot to pay the tax. He says he was busy in the marriage. Satya tells him that she went to pay electricity bill on the day of marriage so that she don’t need to pay penalty. She says I am running the house alone and taking care of three daughters without any mistake. She says she used to pay the bills at right time, and says you have taken your responsibility lightly and says she can’t bear such ignorance again. Rama gets angry and says if we couldn’t then..She asks mistakes is done by everyone and asks if they have to hear so much in their house. She says you want to remind us that Vicky holds 80 percent share.

Precap: Samar and Jaya take their mother in law’s side and tell that their mothers are wrong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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