Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Tricks Work

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rama calls Naani, but Satya picks call and says she should be ready to send Samar’s signed divorce papers with property share papers. Rama challenges she will not let this divorce happen. Satya disconnects call saying let us see. Naani asks Satya why she is breaking Jaya and Samar’s marriage. Satya says she feels it is better Jaya get out of that relationship, else Samar will mentally harass her further. Samar walks into his room and imagining Jaya’s bag gets happy but then realizes Jaya has not returned and gets disappointed again. Nainaa…song..plays in the background. Rama informs Samar that Dadaji is feeling unwell, he should come and check. Samar rushes to Dadaji’s room. Dadaji with great difficulty asks him to bring Jaya once, he will be alright

once he sees her. Samar rushes out to bring Jaya. Dadaji wakes up and asks Rama how is his acting, once Jaya returns, he will not let her go.

Samar reaches Satya’s house and requests her to send Jaya for sometime as Dadaji is unwell and wants to meet her. Satya walks to Jaya and lies that Samar wants Jaya to return to his house with him and meet his friends acting as everything is normal between them. Jaya angrily walks to Samar and says she will not come with him. Samar is shocked and asks if everything changed just in 1 day. She says. He says there my…Satya enters saying let it go, if Jaya does not want to come with him, he should not force her. Samar walks away angrily. Satya smirks. She calls Rama and asks her to meet her right now. Rama thinks why Satya wants to meet before 24 hours, if she changed her mind and does not want Jaya and Samar’s divorce. She reaches the venue and waits for Satya.

Satya reaches Samar’s house instead and asks how is Dadaji. He says they will take care of Dadaji, she need not worry. She shows divorce papers and says Jaya sent them to him and wants to sign them once he signs. Samar is shocked and signs papers. Satya reaches home and showing Samar’s signatures brainwashes Jaya against Samar and gets her signatures on papers. She then walks to Rama and showing Samar’s signed divorce papers says she already got Samar’s sign and warned that she will take their signatures before 24 hours, still there is a lot of time left and once they meet judge once or twice, Rama’s son will be in his house and Satya’s daughter in her house. Rama stands shocked.

Rama returns home and asks Samar why did he sign divorce papers. He says Jaya sent papers and wants divorce. Rama says it must be Satya’s tricks, he should not have signed papers. Naani on the other side asks Jaya why did she sign divorce papers. Jaya says what she could do, Samar already signed papers, she did not except it from Samar..

Precap: Satya takes Samar and Jaya to judge and files for divorce. They both say they don’t want to stay with each other. Sarika meets Rama, Rama sensing her tension gives her baby’s promise to reveal truth.

Update Credit to: MA

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