Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya’s first rasoi doesn’t liked by family members

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya and Samar coming to Nani’s house and seeing Satya rubbing her feet. Nani feels bad that Satya has to come on the first day itself. Satya tells that it is good that Shikha called and told about Maa. Jaya says everyone thought that you got upset with Vicky chacha and left. Satya looks on. Shikha tells Satya that she will take Nani with her. Satya, Jaya and Samar come. Vicky says sorry to Satya. Satya says I didn’t feel bad and went. Rama asks her not to upset with Vicky and don’t go from house without telling. She says it seems I have to make you understand like making Jaya understand. Satya says you are not listening to me and says my Mum was unwell so I went there, and I was not upset. She asks if I am small girl to tell you before going. Samar sees their

argument and asks them to stop, and says both of them are right, and says such change of perception happens between sisters also. Rama apologizes to Satya. Satya nods her head. Kundan Bua tells Rama that Satya replied her misbehaving her. Rama says it is not like that.

Satya and Vicky come to room. Vicky says I took off all the decorations and did all the decorations whatever I listened. Satya says sorry and says my first marriage memories hurt me and says I felt bad seeing flowers. Vicky says sorry holding his ears, and do sits up. He asks her to smile. Satya smiles.

Samar worries about Rama and Satya’s argument. Jaya asks him not to worry. They go to sleep. He thinks may be he is overthinking. Gauri Shankar asks Rama about today’s breakfast. Rama says let Satya ji come, she will tell. Vicky and Satya come there. Satya asks what to make today. They tell the names kachori, parathar muli etc. Rama asks her to make food of her choice.

Satya makes salad, dalya, and fruit. Everyone is surprised to see the first rasoi thing. She brings bittergourd juice. Vicky says we want kachori etc. Satya says she made healthy food for them. Vicky says I am already healthy. Satya shows the video proof in which he is snoring. Everyone is surprised. Gauri Shankar asks Vicky if he really snored. Dada ji asks Vicky to have dalya and asks Satya to make kachori for him. Satya says when I went to kitchen, I heard snoring sound coming from everyone rooms. Rama says we will eat this food today. Satya says everyone will eat this food daily. Rama recalls Bua sayings and tells that everyone is not habitual to eat this. Satya says you are getting fat and tells that she has lost much weight to become lean. Rama says we don’t have the taste to eat this. Satya says you all have to eat this. Samar sees them started argument and asks Rama to bring the shagun for Satya. Rama brings the shagun envelopes and asks Dadaji and Bua to give. Dada ji gives envelope to Satya. Vicky asks her to have food. Satya says she will have food after everyone eats. Vicky, Dada ji, Uday and Gauri Shankar come to room and orders food. Samar comes there and says even I will eat. He says if sasumaa comes to know about the food ordered from outside. Vicky asks the delivery guy to stand outside. He asks Samar to go and collect the food, says we can’t risk ourselves.

Prabha tells Rama that she has ordered the food. Rama says if Satya comes to know then she will feel bad. Kundan says whatever you did is right. Jaya comes and asks did you order food from outside. Prabha asks her to talk in low tone, and tells that they were still feeling hungry and asks her not to tell Satya. Rama says everyone is hungry and that’s why they ordered. Jaya says I will not tell. Kundan Bua taunts Jaya.

Samar asks the delivery guy to stop at the gate and says I am coming. He takes the parcel and says payment and tip is done. He turns and sees Jaya standing. He tells jaya that he has ordered shoes. Jaya asks him to move and receives parcel. She thanks the delivery guy and turns, says it is shoes. Samar says lets eat together. Satya comes out and asks Vicky not to worry, says she will eat in the evening.

Precap: Everyone is having. Satya gets upset and confronts Rama for eating with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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