Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar Saves Satya From Fire Accident

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya’s neighbor invites Satya’s family for maata rani’s jagrata in locality. Naani says they will attend for sure, but cannot bring Maata rani’s prasad and chunri/veil due to Satya’s comatosed condition. Neighbor says that is fine. Jaya says they will bring chunri and prasad and looks at Satya. Satya blinks eyes. Naani prepares prasad and Jaya brings chunri. Family leaves towards door for temple when Samar says even he will accompany them. Naani says he is having high fever. Samar insists saying even he is part of this family and accompanies. They reach temple, and pandit asks Jaya to submit prasad with her husband. Naani calls Samar. Jaya angrily submits prasad with him. They enter temple and listen to to live bhajan. Naani prays Devi maa to reunite Samar and Jaya.

Inspector gets a tip off kidnappers’ hideout, reaches there and pointing gun on them warns to tell truth about Satya’s kidnap. They accept that Satya got herself kidnapped and asked to blame Samar. Inspector asks them to confess this in front of Satrya’s daughtes and takes them along. In temple, Satya’s family sits with other disciples listening to bhajan. Jaya prays Devimaa to cure her mamma. Curtain catches fire and burns temple. Everyone panic and run away. Satya gets trapped in fire. Jaya panics. Samar thinks Satya will get up now and end her drama. Satya thinks if she gets up, Jaya will find out her truth, so she sits on her wheelchair. Samar rushes to Satya and pleas her to get up now and end her drama, but she does not. He pushes her wheelchair away and himself gets caught in fire.

Police reaches with kidnappers and asks Jaya if she knows these men. Jaya identifies them as Satya’s kidnappers. Inspector says Samar did not kidnap Satya and it was someone else. Satya gets tensed that she will be exposed now. Kidnapper says someone called them and ordered to kidnap Satya and they did same. Satya relaxes and thinks why kidnappers are sparing her. Jaya reminisces Samar pleading her that someone is conspiring against him. Inspector asks where is Samar. Samar entrapped in fire and calls Jaya. Jaya drapes blanket around her, runs to him and bring him out safely draping blanket over them. Satya sits fuming in wheelchair.

Family returns home. Samar says he will not trouble Jaya anymore and go from here. Jaya says he does not have to as she knows now he is innocent. Naani asks Jaya never to hate Samar as he is loyal to her and will always be, even she loves Samar, so she should return to his house with him. Jaya agrees. Satya gets more jealous, but continues her coma acting.

Precap: Satya acts as falling from wheelchair. Jaya rushes to her help and apologizes for ignoring her. Samar says he will shift in Samamaa’s room to take care of her and challenges Satya that he will make her stand on her feet within 24 hours. Satya sits fuming.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Samar, I give up…

    1. samar your MIL is too egoistic.

    2. Samar your MIL is to much and so so egoistic and very manipulative . poor girls

  2. Satay needs to see a SHRINK !,! Can’t see her daughters happier in their marrried life than hers Selfish

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