Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar As Beautician Silky

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya gets angry seeing Rama. Vicky says Samar can be stopped by his mother’s love and his command. Satya says she does not want them in her daughter’s sangeet. Rama says Jaya is like her daughter and if Satya does not want her, she will go. Vicky says Samar can go to any extent and requests to let Rama and him handle situation. Satya agrees. Vicky asks Rama to go and be with Jaya and not let Samar in. Rama walks to Naani’s room and closing door says she needs to talks something important. Vicky with Satya stands near door and checks each guest. He starts his jokergiri and asks Satya if her husband is not in her life or in the world. Satya says both as she got divorced 25 years ago and he is out of her life since then. Vicky praises her independent nature and

takes selfie with her describing her mother’s moral gyaan. Satya asks if there was selfie culture during her mother’s time. Vicky says it is just to add importance in his words.

Rama informs Naani about Samar’s plan of kidnapping Jaya. Jaya hears that and feels angry on Samar. Samar gets out of auto disguised as a girl. He tries to enter Satya’s house. Satya asks who is she. He says Silky. Naani interferes and says she called Silky beautician to get Jaya ready and takes him/her in asking to finish his job soon. Samar walks towards Jaya’s room. Jaya calls him and asks how dare he is to think of kidnapping her. Samar says he can do anything to get her back in his life. She challenges him. Ge walks into her room. She asks who is she. Naani says she called Silky beautician to get her ready. Rama gets amused seeing Samar disguised as a girl and asks who will get her bahu ready. Naani says Sikly will. Silky asks Jaya to freshen up before her makeup session.

Satya tells Vicky that she saw Silky somewhere before. Vicky to divert her attention says he saw Samar walking outside and runs outside house. Satya follows him. He continues Satya busy with his baseless chat. Satya says she doubts he is helping Samar instead of her. He gives her a long emotional speech and she falls for his buttery talks.

Samar sees Rama angry on him still and apologizes. Rama says she will calm down only if he brings his bahu home soon. Samar walks to Jaya and says he heard people discussing that her ex-husband will kidnap her today. Jaya warns him to stop interfering and do her job. He asks her hand to apply mehandi. Jaya keeps her hand on his hand and gets suspicious seeing it.

Precap: Silky draws S with mehandi on Jaya’s hand. Nimmo daadi asks Jaya to show her mehandi and let her see how Dhruv’s name looks on her hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I dont know what Samar sees in Jaya. Every time she has the same sad face on and does mutely whatever her mother asks her to. And Satya is the worst form of mother i have seen. First she tried to keep all her daughters as divorcees in her own house. But now she is hell bent on getting Jaya married to someone else. Then what? she will again get Jaya divorced? Is her daughter’s life a joke to her? And Samar still doesn’t do anything against her seriously. His own mother gets insulted or hurt repeatedly by Satya devi, and Samar knows this. But still Samar and his entire family behave as if Jaya is the only woman in this world. Not to talk of the ridiculous excuses the writers come up to drag the story. Everyone had bhaang, all misunderstanding got cleared, engagement happened… then next day no one remembers anything. only mogambo Satya devi finds out the truth. Someone get this lady a court case so that she has an actual job to do!

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