Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rama And Naani’s Plan To Reunite Jaya And Samar

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya cries reminiscing Samar’s allegations. Satya walks to her and says she should forget the bad chapter of her life and giving her divorce papers asks her to read them carefully and sign. Jauya reminisces taking oath during marriage and says she cannot sign them, though Samar did not trust he, soon misunderstandings will clear and only their relationship will be left like Satya’s misunderstanding cleared. Satya asks if Samar’s misunderstanding will really clear. Jaya says yes, soon it will and returns papers. Satya thinks she will get Jaya and Samar’s divorce at any cost. Rama thinks she has to clear Jaya and Samar’s misunderstanding and for that she has to let them meet. She calls Naani and apologizes on her family’s behalf and says she wants

children to clear their misunderstanding. Naani says even she wants same. Rama explains her plan. Naani walks to Jaya and says yesterday was her birthday, so today she has arranged pooja in temple for her. Satya walks in and asks where are they going. Jaya says Naani has arranged pooja for her in temple. Satya asks Naani why did not she inform her, let us go to temple then. Naani asks who will stay with her at home, let Jaya go alone. Jaya says Naani is right. Satya gets suspicious. Rama gives money cheque to Samar and asks him to go to temple and submit this cheque for bhandara/food distribution. Samar resists, but agrees on her insistence.

Jaya reaches temple. Pandit asks why did she come alone, where is Damadji. Samar walks in with cheque. Pandit says damadji came. Samar walks to him and gives him cheque. Pandit thanks him and when Samar tries to leave Pandit stops him and says both husband and wife should perform pooja together. Samar agrees and performs pooja with Jaya. Pandit blesses them that they should always be together. Matarani’s veil falls on them. Pandit says matarani is blessing them, they should keep this veil as Matarani’s prasad. They both walk away emotional.

Naani over phone tells Rama that they sent children to temple and their plan should succeed. Satya hears her conversation. Samar gets into his car and tells Jaya he will leave her home. Jaya says he already left her. He says she will not get auto here. Jaya walks towards his car when Satya comes in her car and asking her to sit in car tells Samar he did his part and now it is her turn. Once she reaches home, she confronts naani that she heard naani and Rama’s conversation, now she will fight for her daughter’s rights and divorce will happen for sure.

Samar returns home. Rama asks if he gave cheque to pandit. Samar asks why don’t she ask if he met Jaya. Rama asks what did Jaya say. Samar says Jaya and his differences are irreconcilable now, it is waste to try to to reunite them. Rama says if their differences are irreconcilable, why don’t they take divorce from each other and if she should speak to Satya about divorce. Samar walks away. Rama thinks she knows Samar does not need divorce, neither Jaya, that means they can reunite. Satya calls from Naani’s phone and says she planned well to reunite
Jaya and Samar, but her planning failed, she reached on time and brought Jaya home, only 8 hours are left and Rama’s efforts will fail, divorce papers will reach though.

Precap: Jaya shatters seeing Samar’s sign on divorce papers. Satya says she thought Samar will not sign, now even she should sign papers.

Update Credit to: MA

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