Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Vicky’s Plan Amuses Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky with Samar meets Jaya and calls her name. Samar introduces him as his Vicky chachu from broad who could not attend their wedding, so he came to meet Jaya now. Jaya touches Vicky’s feet. Vicky asks Jaya if he can chat with her for a minute and taking her aside asks if she will forgive Samar and return to him if things are sorted out. Jaya says she has moved on and it is impossible. Vicky says his mom used to say there is nothing impossible in life. He tells Samar let us go now and seeing Dhruv’s hand injury suggests to get tetanus injection, else a small injury can be dangerous. He walks towards car. Jaya calls Samar and he turns. Vicky turing towards car asks Samar if Jaya is getting mangalsutra out of her bag. Samar says yes. Vicky says she will return him

mangalsutra and he should says thank you and accept it. Samar asks how can he. Vicky says just do as he says. Jaya walks to Samar and giving him mangasultra says she does not need it anymore. Samar says thank you and be happy in life and walks into his car without turning back as per Vicky’s advice. Jaya stands shocked.

Jaya returns home shocked seeing Samar’s changed tone. Satya asks if she met Dhruv, if Samar and Vicky chachu met her and what did they say. Jaya says it is not important. Samar walks in and asks Jaya how can she return him mangalsutra. Jaya says just like he accepted mangalsutra. Samar says he could not react in front of Vicky, nobody can separate them. Jaya argues. Samar holds her hand and drags her towards door. Satya warns to leave Jaya, else she will call police. Samar says police or even military cannot stop him from taking Jaya back home. Vicky enters and warns Samar to leave Jaya. Samar resists and says no. Vicky slaps him and says he is like his father and he cannot disobey him. He continues that when a girl does not want to go with him, he should not force. He sends Samar out and apologizing Satya for Samar’s misbehavior assures that Samar will not interfere in Jaya’s life again. He then says she can celebrate Jaya’s prewedding ceremony peacefully tomorrow. Satya stands confused.

Back home, Samar touches his paining cheek. Vicky applies hot compresses on his cheek. Samar asks how can he slap him, it was not in his plan. Vicky says it was situational and says he will kidnap Jaya from her home tomorrow during her prewedding ceremony. Shanaya gets happy hearing that and says she will get Dhruv back. Samar asks how can he. Vicky says Satya trusts him now and he can just wait and watch what his chachu will do. Next day, Vicky walks into Satya’s house and tells her that Samar is missing from home and warned that he will kidnap Jaya before prewedding ceremony. Satya asks how can he. Vicky says he came to stop Samar and Rama is helping her. Rama enters next.

Precap: Samar over phone informs Jaya that he will kidnap her from her home.
Jaya challenges him to first enter her house. Samar disguised as a girl enters her room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. more of nonsense. this show is embarassing for sony tv now

  2. Jaya s a b*t*h dumb loser nd marry evn 10 guys if her mother says nd her mother s a looser

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