Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s New Condition of Not Changing Jaya’s Name Post-Wedding

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar and Jaya’s families rejoice after fixing their wedding date after 2 days. Satya says she has one condition. Samar’s family gets tensed. Satya says she will share 50% of wedding expenses. Naani says her daughter is self-reliable. Samar’s family agrees. Chachi asks who will make wedding arrangements. Jaya says she will. Everyone laugh and say she will arrange her own wedding. Lallan jokes if she will accept cheque at maika or sasural. Everyone laugh more. Kabeer asks Samar if he is his would be uncle. Samar says yes. Kabeer requests him not to leave Jaya like his father left his mother. Samar looks at Jaya and assures he will not. Kabeer happily kisses his cheek. Samar asks to keep another cheek. After Jaya’s family leaves, employee comes

and asks some papers from Samar’s father. Samar says he will get it and walks towards room. Rama asks where is Samar. Husband informs he wet to get papers. She gets tensed that prenuptual agreement is in cupboard and rushes towards room. Samar opens cupboard and is about to pick prenuptual papers when Rama enters and says she kept papers and will give it to him, she gives papers and sends him away.

Satya with family returns home and gets busy in wedding shopping. Naani confronts Satya and asks how did she agree for marriage so easily, what is she hiding, she is her mother and knows when she lies like she finds out when her daughters lie her. Satya shows her prenuptual papers and reminisces throwing 7 conditions to Rama. Naani says she did wrong, Jaya would not agree. Satya says marriage will happen according to her condition. They then see Shikha giving post-marriage rules to Jaya and suggesting to follow them for joyful marriage. Jaya tears paper and says she does not need any rules. Naani comments Satya that Jaya did not like these rules, will she accept prenuptual agreement. Satya says marriage will happen according to her conditions and let Jaya know about it later, Naani should not inform Jaya beforehand.

Samar helps his family in wedding arrangements and asks pandit’s number. Rama says it is with Vijay. Chachaji stops him and starts his shayari. Samar hears him with great difficulty and rushes to Vijay. Vijay says he will handle everything and suggests him to meet Jaya Sharma as Jaya will become Jaya Surana after 2 days and prewedding romance is unique feeling. Samar hesitantly leaves.

Samar reaches Jaya’s house and calls her, but she is busy with family. He walks in. Kabeer happily greets him. Samar touches Naani and Satya’s feet. Satya asks why did he come at this time. He says he came to meet Jaya Sharma as his brother told Jaya will become Jaya Surana post-marriage. Satya says Jaya will not change her surname and will be Jaya Sharma Surana post-marriage. Samar feels surprised. Shikha taunts Samar wants to meet Jaya alone. Satya asks Jaya to take Samar to room. Samar nervously says he does not want to. Daadi says he is confused, if he wants to or not. He says he will take Jaya out for 5-10 min. Satya agrees. Samar takes Jaya to roadside tea stall. Jaya says they will have tea in same cup. Pehli baar hai in the background. Samar thinks what will happen when family will know about Satya’s condition.

Precap: Samar’s family says after marriage, Jaya will be Jaya Samar Surana and not Jaya Sharma Surana. Rama says it is common these days. Samar says it not common in their family.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Satya is such a dictator…she runs her daughters’ lives, but I think Jaya will be different. Samar and Jaya are a cute couple though.

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