Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vicky Leaves Samar’s House

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya tells Rama that only Vicky can keep mamma/Satya happy. Satya asks her to stop and not utter a word now. Jaya says but mammaa.. Satya says no… and tells Vicky that they will not meet from hereon. She tells Rama that she earlier also opposed Jaya’s decision and even now is opposing and promises Rama that there won’t be any problem in her family because of her. She walks out of house and Jaya runs to balcony looking at her. Satya turns and waiving her bye walks away. Dadaji asks Vicky how can he make such a big mistake. Vicky says he did not do any mistake and loves Satya. Dadaji says walked out of wedding mantap 15 years ago and now is doing same mistake. Vicky says he felt he and Satya are of same age and alone and can support each other. Gowrishankar asks how can he think like this, he never hid anything from him till now. Chachaji says he has gone mad in old age. Vicky says at least he should not say this. Dadaji says let us go from here as Vicky will not listen to them.

Samar walks to Jaya and says she should not have spoken to his mother rudely. Jaya says for Vicky chachu, she had to oppose maa and may need to oppose whole family. Samar continues arguing with her that she is not understanding situation. Their argument continues. Jaya says it is waste speaking to him and walks towards her pink suitcase. Samar gets tensed that she will leave again with her pink bag. Jaya instead picks clothes and keeping them in their place walks away. Samar relaxes and continues that she is wrong.

Vicky gets sad reminiscing family’s opposition and Satya waving him last good bye. He calls Satya. Amarnath picks call and says Satya’s husband is speaking and he should inform him whatever he has to. Vicky asks to give phone to Satya. Amarnath says Satya rejected him and he should not dare to bother Satya and disconnects call.

Samar opens eyes at night and gets afraid seeing Jaya on his face and angrily saying she is not wrong. He asks if she woke up at midnight to say this. Jaya says she does not like anyone critizing her decision. Samar says they both want to unite Vicky and Satya and should plan something else. Jaya says she is worried about Vicky chachu. Next morning, they don’t see Vicky at home and inform family that Vicky left. Dadaji says he felt bad and left. Vicky walks to Satya’s house and rings bell. Satya opens door and asks what is he doing here. Vicky says he is returning to US forever and just wanted to meet her once. He says he will continue loving her forever and care for her, though she may not, etc. He warns Amarnath to dare not trick Satya, else he will not spare him. He then tells Naani that he wanted to make her as his sasumaa, but fate has something else written, takes her blessings and walks away.

Samar’s family tries Vicky’s phone, but unable to reach him. Samar gets Vicky’s MMS and plays it on TV. Vicky emotionally blackmails each family members and says them good bye.

Precap: Samar tells Vicky let us think how to convince sasuma. Vicky asks if he has any idea. Samar says yes and explains it to Vicky and Jaya. Vicky meets Satya again.

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