Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vicky Gets Heart Broken

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky asks Samar if he remembers his promise. Samar asks what promise. Vicky reminds that he will speak to Satya about him. Samar says he thought he spoke in inebriation. Vicky asks not to joke. Samar laughs and says of course he remembers. Rama calls them for breakfast. Vicky walks to dining table and seeing Uma sitting in front of Satya shouts rat under his chair. Uma panics and runs aside. Vicky takes Uma’s seat and says it is gone now. Vicky starts breakfast looking at Satya and asks Rama to get a tea for him. Satya finishes breakfast and gets up. Vicky asks her to have fruits. Once he finishes breakfast, he asks Samar to go and speak to Satya. Samar asks what if he fails. Vicky says he cannot handle one-sided love and will return to New York. Samar says his intention is true, so he will help him. Samar walks to Jaya and says her idea bout finding a life partner is good, she can go ahead with it. She thanks him for approving it and says he cleared her confusion. He walks to her again and starts confusing her and then finally says she is on the right path. They both walk towards room. Prabha asks where are they going. Samar says to plan something important and should not be disturbed. Prabha thinks what must be they planning about her birthday surprise after 3 days. Rama walks towards Samar’s room with juice. Prabha stops her and asks not to go as Samar and Jaya are planning her surprise birthday party.

Jaya walks to Satya and asks if she ever felt of having a life partner. Satya says never as she had responsibility of 3 children and never thought of it. Jaya asks if she will now as all her 3 daughters are well settled in their lives. Satya asks if she has gone crazy, what will Samar think if hears this. Jaya says it is Samar’s idea also. Satya holds her hand and walks towards Samar’s room. Vicky in Samar’s room insists him to go and convince Satya. Satya with Jaya walks in and closing door asks Samar how can he also think of her marriage, she is old now and what will people think. She asks Vicky to explain him, starts addressing him as bhai saheb/brother repeatedly, and asks what will people think if an old man like him wants to marry wearing sherwani and riding horse, he will fall down and break his legs, people will laugh on him. Vicky stand frozen hearing this. Satya continues that she is old like Vicky and it is time for Jaya and Samar’s family planning and not her, she and Vicky should go to piligrimage instead, etc. Vicky says he is going and walks towards door. Samar says bhai saheb open the door lock. Vicky unlocks door and walks away fuming. Satya continues.

Satya walks to Vicky’s room and says she should not have called him old directly. Vicky asks who is old, he is still young at heart and is best horse rider of his team, he is planning to go on world tour and she is calling him brother, what if he calls her grandma, that is why he does not come to India often where people address even middle aged as bhai saheb and behen ji.

Jaya walks to Samar and asks how to convince maa. Samar says if maa does not want to, she should not. Jaya says they should. Samar says he will be back and runs out. Vicky meets him and insists that he did not do anything by loving his MIL and dreaming of marrying her. Jaya enters and is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Vicky tells Jaya that he loves her mother and will keep her happy, now he wants Jaya’s opinion.

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